Serrada Eskrima DVD by Master Jimmy Tacosa

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    Looks like the shopping cart is finally up and working at if u wish to purchase Jimmy's, ahem, Master Tacosa's 2-disc set of Serrada Eskrima

    I lost my vhs tape eons ago, and now finally it seems i can have it on dvd instead, woohoo!!! Besides i dont even own a vcr anymore; dvd baby.

    I just ordered my copy and now i cant wait for delivery. Until then, im just gonna have to practice my number 5 strike. Practice makes perfect ;)

    dvd link:

    A preview can be seen at youtube:

    At least i hope it's the same one...

    Quote from webpage:
    "Master Jimmy Tacosa's SERRADA ESKRIMA, DVD series is brilliantly put together. It not only shows you the tried and true formula of the success in learning or teaching the stick and knife fighting arts of the Philippines, in a simple and systematic fashion, he also gives you an in-depth explanation of the heritage and roots fo the art, which is fascinating. Master Tacosa will take your extreme martial arts training to the next level, I know his mastery has done that for me!" - Master Ernie Reyes

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