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Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by Mas Judt, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Mas Judt

    Mas Judt New Member

    Will Mr. Tortal be teaching in the US in 2008? When & where?

    Thank you.
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I certainly hope he's returning to the Terre Haute/Evansville, IN area!
  3. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Grandmaster Tortal in The U.S.

    Hello Joe,
    I am making the assumption this is the same Joe I know whom is an excellent practitioner of Kuntao Silat? Well, any how we will hopefully Have Grandmaster Tortal out here for a camp June 19th thru the 23rd here in Chicago. Keep watching the DTS site for updates or you can contact me directly. Also had tea with Guru Sam last night! Ooops just in case the site is !

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  4. Mas Judt

    Mas Judt New Member

    Thanks John. I'll need to check those dates, June will be a horrible month for me, but I'd like to meet this fellow. I was watching some clips on Youtube, and the flavor Guro Nene exhibits is very familiar to me. Wanted to see/feel it up close! He appears to be an excellent player.

    I'm sorry I missed your tournament, this has been a crazy year. Any chance you could e-mail me the rules for competition?

  5. Mas Judt

    Mas Judt New Member

    FWIW - most of the DTS Kali site are not working yet..
  6. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    The DTS websites have long been unreliable, regrettably.
  7. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello Everyone!

    Most of the DTS website is now functioning and more is being added to it on a daily basis. I take full resposability for the slow pace of constructing, but this time around it is GM's site as well as everyone in GM's organization, as well as students not yet associated with the organization. It is for "ALL of US!" And is here to stay. After completion the site will be handed over to the Tortal family as a gift from all of us. Now GM has a great group of people devoted to preserving and promoting his family system with no intention of trying to profit from his name and tallents. As a matter of fact I just found out about another group in NJ that I had no idea existed. Getting us all together has been quite a task. Anyone willng to contribute photos and/or video footage of past seminars, camps and personal training are welcomed and appreciated for the gallery and media sections. GM's videos will soon be posted for sale on the site and here on FMA Talk with in the next week. We will also be posting the upcoming camps, seminars and apperances on the DTS Calender. Please check out the upgrade to the site.

    GM will be arriving in June to begin his tour and Dumog will be focused on more in depth, now that everyone is becoming more familiar with the knife system. Most of the Dumog comes from GM's knife tactics. As a matter of fact, the first takedowns taught are with a baston and a knife.

    As for Europe, we are in contact now with a couple of GM's students in Germany and they are trying to make it to Chicago in June for the camp. A couple of the guys from the West Coast will be at the informal Heat, Mud & Mosqito (uncivilized)Camp here in Terre Haute the week before the Open(AirConditioned w/Mats) Camp in Chicago. So Germany looks prmosing for 2009.

    God Bless, Mike
  8. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Informal heat, mud and mosquitos, shoot Mike, that sounds like home to me.. I will most definitely look and see what my schedule looks like for this camp as I just had a major change in my job and have to get used to a different structure of guidance due to change of sections and personnel in management..

    I am in the final process of setting up a training area with the Kajukenbo guys here on island and have a standing offer to teach on tuesdays and thursday nights.. Will see how this pans out..

    I am talking to some of the other instructors here on island and testing the waters to bring in GM for a seminar prior to his stateside trip.. I am beating the bushes with the filipino groups and Philippine airline to see what kind of sponsorship we can get in this venue.. I'll keep everyone in the loop as it progresses..

  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Here in Terre Haute again? Great news!
  10. Kali Cowboy

    Kali Cowboy New Member


    My name is Stephen Shy and I run a small school here in North/Central Florida. This is my first post so I would like to introduce myself formaly. In my curriculum I teach Shaolin Tiger, The modified 64 attacks (modified with Grand Masters 12 attacks) of Pikiti Tirsia and associated drills, Sina Tirsia Wali, and Lanka Empat.

    I plan to be hosting Grand Master the first week or so in June 2008. Anyone interested in attending can call me at SKS Martial Systems
    904 501 6209 or email from my web site I have had fantastic and intimate conversations with Mike Snow and am looking forward to hosting him as well as Grand Master.

    I am not into politics, only into preserving the Arts that I love. I belive in live and let live, and we can learn from everyone. God Bless you all and I am happy to be here.

    Stephen Shy
  11. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Welcome to the site, Mr. Shy! Glad you joined us :)
  12. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hi Guys(and Ladies too of course),

    Nice to see you on here Stephen. But don't bother with hosting me, you have you have your hands full with a GM and a Pendakar to cocentrate on. Although I will do what ever I can to help you out on your new school and congratulations on your carrent success.

    You're always welcome here Bill! If you can escape from the base for a couple of weeks we'll just head on up to John's right after we finish up here. You and GM can drive my pick up and I'll just crawl in the back with the duffle bags and blades. John's only a 3 hour drive through the woods and corn fields from here, litterally. Just now got off the phone with Mitch. Mitch, his future wife and three other guys are flying in here on the 11th of June from WA for our little informal heat, mud and mosquito, oh and I accidentally left out humidity camp. That will be informally beginning and June 12 and informally ending on the June 15.

    Appropriate attire for the informal camp is as follows:

    old t-shirt or tank top
    cut-off jeans or shorts
    sunglasses (optional)
    shoes or sandles (optional)
    blade(forged in the Philippines)

    After each informal training session we will be gruesomely sacrificing & eating members of the watermelon tribe.

    Don't forget your bug repellent Bill!
  13. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    After being on post and out in the jungles here.. The mosquitos don't pose a problem here.. Heck, they are so dang big here, during rainy season, we have to put the aircraft on a holding pattern when it rains because of the mosquitos chasing the aircraft around in their ritual mating season.. We have mosquitos so big here we have to clear the flight line from all of our heavy aircraft, so the mosquitos can get refueled..

    If things go right, I'll try and make both weeks there, it depends on the work schedule along with the time I have on the books for vacation.. I'm trying to get to the Philippines in February so I can hook up with GM in Manila for some training as I have a friend who just got here and he is pekiti tirsia, but that is another story.. Not for the open forum as this

  14. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    The more people who come visit us here in Terre Haute, the better!
  15. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Ahh Terre Haute...the town that BIRD from Jasper I always rooted for the Sycamores!.....
  16. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    GrandMaster Tortal in Chicago!

    Hello All,
    Please do not miss the chance to train with Grandmaster Jerson "Nene" Tortal in Chicago June 19th-23rd. This will be a rare opportunity to train with a living legend! Please visit for more information.

  17. Kailat


    Greetings to all, I've recently returned to the FMA after a pro-longed break.

    I would be interested in attending and bringing some of my fellow troops (training partners) with me to attend this prestigious training as well.

    I have a small training group over here on the Eastern side of the state. We keep rather quite and just train purley with the sole aspect combat methodology. Majority of us are LEO and Corrections and or have prior military service active and or inactive (like myself).

    Substantially, were in the ECI (east central Indiana) belt in Muncie area but we adhere to surrounding locations and town like New Castle, Anderson, Muncie, Winchester, Albany area.

    We have no official ties to any one organization and do so for the sole reason of staying out of and away from POLITICAL AGENDA within the Martial arts. My background being from Guro Bruce Ogle (INDPLS) thats the only sole individual I have dedicated my training too and from. However, I enjoy the FMA from a standpoint of learning for my own personal gain in my field of employment.

    But if anyone has upcoming events close to home, we'd love to come and support any and all we can gain from.


  18. Cory if your are with Bruce Ogle , I will be conducting seminar in Indiana on 2008 contact Greg Carpenter or Cris Higgins all with Bruce Group. this is Grand tuhon Gaje. my email is Contact for further infos:
  19. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello to both of you, Guro Cory and Grand Tuhon!

    I welcome both of you to the Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas forum!

    Grand Tuhon Nene Tortal will be very busy here in Indiana next year. We have three DTS Seminars and one gathering with locations locked in already, but no specific dates as of yet. The gathering will be for 4 days and we have four people flying all the way in from WA state to attend and train. We aslo have a possible DTS Seminar coming up in SE Ohio. They just inquired a couple of weeks ago. I will be finding out for sure right after the first of the year. Since Grand Tuhon Nene Tortal will be here in Indiana off and on most of next year it should be very easy for you fellow Hoosier FMA'ers to be able to train with him on numrous occassions or one of us can even bring Grand Tuhon Nene Tortal to you. Even though Grand Tuhon Nene is a very talented fighter / instructor he is also a very kind and humbled man. So schedule permitting I am sure that he will have no problem with coming to visit with your group. If I would happen to be working overseas during any of these dates, either one of my training partners located all over the state of Indiana or John Bednarski in Chicago will be able to assist you with scheduling arrangements. We have quite a few Law Enforcement, Military and even a few Corrections Personel in our various groups through out the country. Especially in MO and NJ. Grand Tuhon tries to make his events as affordable as possible so that practitioners will be able to attend numerous DTS events though out the year.

    Unfortunately I have not had the privilege of meeting Craig Carpenter or Bruce Ogle, but a couple of my students that travel here to Terre Haute from Indianapolis have asked me in the past if I have ever met them. I am hoping that with in the next few months I will have the opportunity to do so.

    I would also like to invite both of you gentleman and your contstituents to the Sulong Championship in New Lenox next October. Everyone attending had a great time and there were no attitudes or egos present at the event. No matter what style of FMA or IMA you come from, you are all welcome and treated with dignity and respect. The primary and continuing theme of the Sulong Event is FMA Brotherhood and the "2008" theme will be Dumog. Another interesting thing about the Sulong Event is that the competition is blade oriented.

    God Bless, Mike
  20. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    All great news! Thanks for working to arrange this Mr. Snow.

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