Seminars from Master Vincent Cabales JR.

Discussion in 'Serrada' started by caloy925, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. caloy925

    caloy925 New Member

    Anyone interested in having the Grandson of GM Angel Cabales, Master Vincent Cabales JR. do a seminar at your school or dojo?
  2. jdc2003

    jdc2003 New Member

    Hey I would love to see the Grandson of GM Angel Cabales in action! Are there any video clips of him? Where does he teach? Maybe I could stop by to see the man in person.
  3. caloy925

    caloy925 New Member

    there are no videos of him on the internet, and if your ever in the Antioch
    area let me know and we could all meet up. He currently is training people here also.

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