Seminar with Datu Rich Acosta - Downtown Toronto - August 17 and 18

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    Seminar with Datu Rich Acosta - Downtown Toronto - August 17 and 18

    Datu Rich Acosta has intensive knowledge from various Filipino martial arts systems: Kuntaw Kali Kruzada, Kali Arnis International, International Modern Arnis Federation, Doblete Rapelon, Arnis de Mano FMA, and more. Students of all levels--beginner, intermediate, and advanced--will benefit from his instruction.

    Seminar Date: August 17 and 18 (Sat and Sun)
    Location: 399 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor, Toronto ON M5B 1S9 (Aikido Yoshinkai Dojo)
    Time: Saturday 1pm - 6:30pm | Sunday 2pm - 7:30 pm
    Fee: $180 for both days, $100 for just Saturday or Sunday
    Training equipment needed
    :One yantok/arnis stick
    :One punyal/training knife (up to 30 cm or 12 inches in length--click for photo)
    Attire: Training shirt, track pants or shorts. No footwear necessary.
    Contact Number: 905-817-0453
    Email address:
    Event web page:
    Facebook event page:

    Event registration:
    Please click here for online registration.
    Please call 905-817-0453 for phone registration (credit card accepted). You may also register in person at:
    1010 Dream Crest Rd Unit 8, Mississauga (CMAC)

    Weapons Lease: If you do not have a stick or knife: a limited number of weapons may be leased from the organizers for a $50 cash deposit per day. This deposit will be returned upon receipt of the weapons at the end of each seminar. Please call or email the organizers to reserve your set.

    Weapons Purchase: Filipino martial arts weapons may also be purchased from the organizers.
    One pair of yantok: $30
    One punyal: $20
    Carrying case: $10
    Purchase the sticks and dagger together and get your carrying case at no charge.

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