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    junior eskrimador Expect the Unexpected

    Phalanx quoted: "I joined an FMA group for many reasons... Not so much for tradition but I like to know what other peoples POVs are on fighting methods... Also it is a very practical way of fighting... I also am not limiting myself on doing FMA... I am planning to join BJJ and/or Judo also... Maybe even Muay Thai in the future... I like to learn other methods... Isn't that what Bruce Lee also believed in and what the JKD concept is about? That nothing is written in stone?

    I joined MA so I can learn how to fight... To learn how to defend myself... I don't see MA as a form to better myself as a person... I really don't need MA to learn how to do that..."

    This is what I see; I WANT TO BE...A MMA FIGHTER...I PLAN TO LEARN BJJ...JUDO...MUAY THAI. Dam, lots of arts, nothing wrong with that but don't you think you should gain knowledge, skills, and put years in an art first before exploring. Some people might disagree but this is how I feel. As for me I also want to learn other arts but at the same time I want to be proficient in one art before moving to the next art. Why, so I know how to differentiate between the two or more styles. Plus, it may be easy to add to your ARSENAL as you call it. I'm not as GIFTED as you PHALANX and A HARD CORE FIGHTER AS YOU. You talk about fighting a lot. Quote: " I joined MA so I can learn how to fight", this is an easy fix, DON'T GO OUT TO FIND A FIGHT. A FIGHT WILL FIND YOU BUT IF YOU STAY OUT OF TROUBLE AND BE HUMBLE WHY WORRY ABOUT FIGHTING. QUOTE: " To learn how to defend myself", true and I don't disagree with you at all but the way you put it is your doing it for the wrong reason. To learn how to fight. All styles is a fighting style is depends on the practitioner. One style is not better then the other or the way its learned does not determine the way a person/student will do on the street. It depends how will they react to the situation.
    Phalanx, you have good input but some inputs are non-sense and it shows that you have no respect for other arts. All arts, style, tradition, non-tradition are to be respected regardless if you don't see it fit. That is way there are many arts today because of that. They make their own style that they see fit. I don't disrespect them, I give them respect because they have come out with their own style and willing to share it with everyone. Don't burn your bridges it's very hard to cross back. There are some on FMA that know you by your real name and know where you train.
    Be good, be wise, be respectful. I know it's your opinion and there is nothing wrong with it but sometime opinions should be kept to yourself.
    Train hard, be safe, and god bless
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    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    JE, you are taking what I said out of context... I am not planning to be an MMA fighter, I am not "hardcore", and I don't go out finding fights... I did not say that anywhere... You are assuming... Mistranslating what I said...

    My plan on training is not to be a pro fighter or anything like that... Just for the love of training and learning how to fight... To learn how to fight... Not to go and find a fight or make trouble to the next guy... I am not the Cobra Kai student from Karate Kid looking to harm people... I am the least hardcore person you will ever meet... So idk what you're talking about...

    Please do not translate my words into something else...

    That is why I love to train, I love learning new things... Learning different fighting methods... And when you say I train for the wrong reasons, what are the wrong reasons you're talking about? I mean I don't go out and make trouble or harm random people... I keep what I learn at where I'm learning it... So what wrong reasons are you talking about?

    If people know who I am what am I worried about? People who know me know who I am and what I'm about... I don't have to worry about anything... Unless you're trying to imply that someone will come and do harm to me cause of my opinions... But that is another topic...

    My opinions are my opinions yes... I respect yours and everybody elses here... And I do get a little charismatic with mines... If I offended anyone, I apologize... But I am not the type to be quiet... I am not a quiet person... I am the type that gets very uncomfortable with silence...

    And please stay on topic... This thread is not about me... I was stating my opinions about the Karate master's opinions about diluting martial arts... Thank You...
  3. junior eskrimador

    junior eskrimador Expect the Unexpected

    True, the thread is not about you. And yes the topic is about the Karate Master that you gave no respect to. He talks about tradition and you bashed traditional MA. Should I go and find the comment you stated and quote it. You don't need to be silence but some time silence is the best medicine. The other thing is implying if someone want to do harm, that is what you ASSUME. What I implied was your name might get out and the group that you train with might be unhappy of your comments. Have you ask them what they think. I believe one of your fighters was trained in traditional FMA and now has broaden his MA knowledge. I myself is learning traditional FMA that was tought to my instructors from his instructor the same way it was leaned. It might have variations but is still considered traditional. We could go on and on with this.

    FYI, I think everyone from here has trained in a traditional FMA school/style. Some schools are less formal then others but has trained traditional. If you spent more time in one you should have seen and learned from the instructor.

    Another thing "wala'au I nui".

    PM if you have questions or want to talk.
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    To Phalanx,

    Learn how to flow and not be jagged. This is one of the reasons to train under old school, traditional arts and respect the Grandmasters and Masters that teaches it because you become part of a tradition that's been handed down for centuries. This is why some practitioners search for and train under traditional arts and gain the knowledge, experience, and be part of a legacy; this is what you call, "Mana." And if you are just a fighter without a background or a state of brotherhood, then you're not a whole. But if you do and understand what was taught then you become a better man because you understand the conditions of your abilities and the gift that's bestowed upon you. This applies not only in martial science, but everyday life. "You must read the entire book to comprehend its content and interpret what was written; only then, you'll be a wiser man."
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  5. Brian R. VanCise

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    One persons tradition is another persons modern and vice versa. [​IMG]

    Let's talk and discuss in a reasonable manner folks!

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