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Discussion in 'General' started by arnisador, Oct 1, 2006.

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    The twelfth episode discussed the advantages of the rifle (in particular, carbine) for home defense. One reason mentioned was the prevalence of body armor and even spare cartridges carried on the body. It was emphasized that the weapon is a self-defense tool ("It's a tool; it's a hammer.") and must be chosen carefully. I was surprised by the emphasis on positions/stances and the body weight distributuion in the stance (60% forward in one case)--again, so similar to the martial arts as I think of them. As usual, the importance of worrying about penetration of the ammunition--say, if you're in an apartment complex--was mentioned. Another segment discussed lights and lasers sights.

    Massad Ayoob talked about the need for weapon options where firearms are forbidden. He told a story about Rex Applegate using a cane to defeat two assailants late in his life, then demonstrated some cane techniques.
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    I was struck by your comparison of the gun draw with iaido. Upon some reflection, I guess one could think of gun skills as the modern martial art. After all, the soldiers of today still do what the warriors and knights of old did, which is to fight wars. Only the weapons, equipment and some of the tactics have changed.

    I believe that gun enthusiasts will gain a lot of benefit by studying melee martial arts. This way they are not limited only to their gun but can also handle situations involving the knife and empty hands (as were the warriors of old conversant not only on sword and spear, but also in knife and empty hand techniques). In the same way, it would be progressive of FMA practitioners to also study gun techniques and tactics, even just the most basic techniques of gun use and safety. Any warrior art develops in response to the environment of the time, and firearms are certainly part of the weapons of our time. This is how an art becomes adaptive and "alive".

    After all, if you happen to disarm a gunman by using your knife, yet the gunman's buddies are on their way, then it would be better if you knew how to pick up the gun and use it properly and tactically.
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    Yes, that was really driven home to me with this show!

    Yes, I agree. Empty hand skills are needed to buy time to draw that weapon, and FMA stylists need to know something about this very common weapon.
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    I keep hoping for another season of this, but no luck so far!
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    They've started repeating this series on the Outdoor Channel.
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    Best Defense Show.

    I just watched an episode of "Best Defense" on the Outdoor Channel with Michael Bane, Michael Janich, and Rob Pincus that is similar in nature to the previous version but at least in this episode places greater emphasis on empty-hand self-defense with Mr. Janich and less on pistolry. I liked it! There was some technique but a lot of discussion of self-defense notions like being aware of one's environment, de-escalating, etc.
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    Best Defense, well I am going to have to watch that now. Thanks! [​IMG]
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    I like the series. I have noted come cool tips on the second episode which mainly focus on short gun. Many of us may have guns for personnel safety. But I dont think most of us knows how to use it effectively. I have video of the series.

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