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    What is the purpose of the Seguidas? How do they fit or relate to the Abecedarios?
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    Mr. Ouilette--

    In the PTI curriculum, the conceptual framework surrounding the Seguidas is anchored primarily on range. Considering the words "segue" (transition) and "seguida' (bridge), much of the techniques therein deal with the idea of transitioning between ranges and the concerns associated with range.

    In the first set, much of what is seen deals with transitioning from long range (unable to use the alive hand) and entering medium range (the alive hand must come into play with the closer proximity and the threat of a head strike).

    In the second set, middle range is the flavor and attention is given to how to handle the opponent's alive hand coming into play.

    In the third set, transitioning into close range intelligently and the associated close range finishers become the hallmarks. Much of what is taught in the realm of chokes is taught here.

    Although there are prescribed techniques which make up the sets (which teach the practitioner the 'what', 'why' and 'hows' of the Seguidas), they are more designed as one model solution for a given problem in which the practitioner takes the said solution and attempts to discover what other 'problems' can be solved with this process/technique.

    As far as their relationship to the Abecedarios, the Abecedarios are more of a "how can I hit this given target for maximum effect" thing, where the Seguidas are using some of the components of the Abecedarios and placing them in scenarios in which the opponent is an "unwilling target" and the practitioner now has to use a smaller space and guile to break into the desired range.

    I'm sure there are other practitioners out there with additional spins on the subject.

    I hope this is helpful.


    Jack A. Latorre
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