Season's Greetings from GGM Ernesto Presas

Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by Alex(ander Bautista Bayot France), Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Great Grandmaster Ernesto Presas called me last night to ask me to convey “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all IPMAF members, friends, and associates. Healthwise, he is in good condition and it seemed to me, raring to go full speed ahead into the new year.

    GGM is requesting the current phone numbers of all IPMAF members. I’ve always encouraged everyone, regardless of rank, to develop their own personal relationship with GGM. I guarantee you it’s an experience you won’t forget. For me, it was, and continues to be, priceless!. He established my foundation and became my lifelong mentor. If you haven’t developed that relationship with GGM, this is now your chance to do so.

    I’ll be publishing the IPMAF Year End Wrap-Up & New Year Preview Newsletter around New Years; but before I do, I’d like to include everyone it. Please email GGM/IPMAF World HQ ( and copy me ( with the following:

    (1) Your full name and your teacher’s name.
    (2) The name of your local martial art school if you have or belong to one.
    (3) Your current rank, and promotion history.
    (4) Your full contact info, indicating what parts of your contact info you do not want published.
    (5) A recap of your 2009 activities and your plans for 2010.
    (6) Your own greeting/shout out to the organization.
    (7) Pictures!

    Let’s set the deadline for December 28, a week from now. I’ll put everything together in a PDF for publication on New Years Eve.

    Hoping to hear from you all,
    Alex(ander Bautista Bayot France)
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I hope all went/is going well with the compilation of the newsletter!
  3. Malmo

    Malmo New Member

    I heard from Alex earlier. He is still working diligently on the newsletter, but had a couple of more pressing matters to take care of. He is one of the busiest guys I know - and I, for one, stay extremely busy so that's saying something. *smile*

    It will be worth the wait I'm sure!
  4. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    just saw this now hopefully its not too late to send in the details..

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