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    SEAMOK Tactical Solutions (TM)

    Houston Texas Workshop

    Saturday September 19, 2009

    9:30 am - 4:30 pm

    Houston Heights Martial Arts Center
    722 West 19th Street
    Houston, Texas 77007


    $60.00 AT THE DOOR

    Host Daniel Barreto can be reached for further info at

    Three Bridges Focus with weaponry and empty hands.

    Bring empty cup and an open mind

    Amo Guro Mike Blackgrave
    Founder of
    SEAMOK Tactical Solutions

    SEAMOK (simple, effective, aggressive, methods of kombate) is nothing ancient nor anything new. It is my personal developed methodology and philosophy as it pertains to personal conflict, with weapons and with out.

    Simplicity with Intent is the focus. We do not believe in fancy, flashy or overly drilled redundant dogmatic fantasy. SEAMOK deals in reality..very simplistic direct approaches to shut down an enemy as quickly and viciously as warranted.

    SEAMOK Tactical Solutions (tm)
    Amo Guro Mike Blackgrave

    Simplicity with Intent

    Think like a founder, not a follower!
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    Thanks for coming Mike, I know I learned some valuable things.

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