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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by kukri2, Aug 12, 2007.

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    Are where it's at. Anyone ever wonder why SE Asian MAs rock?

    I live in San Antonio, TX. I've looked up Michael Blackgrave, and I want to start training with him, ASAP.

    There is also a muay thai place in town as well. My goal is to be well-rounded as a martial artist. That means all ranges covered, including projectile and weapon-range, with real-world, 'alive' application.

    I'd like to center my studies around FMAs. I've seen the the FMAs have consistently produced masters who are capable well into the twilight years.

    I've been out of practice for awhile, so I start in relatively old, at 33 years.

    I look forward to participating in discussions and obtaining insight into the culture.



    PS. Know of anyplace that sells good quality kukhukris? :)
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Thank you. I think I had responded to a post from bladeforums. I should start to studying with Michael Blackgrave in Ilustrisimo soon.

    Look forward to it. I have seen some of his posts here, and I like the attitude. I want structure and the wealth of a tradition, but appreciate the idea of a degree of free expression.

    He also teaches Silat. The destructions looks great.
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    Thanks a bunch. Reading a book on fencing right now. Can't remember the name. Anyways, I thought of it because of your handle.

    Do you fence?
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    Hi - Yes I used to fence. I am also an avid sword collector. My handle came from two sources, my love of the Sabre in fencing and my 1805 Nepoleonic Light Cavalry Sabre
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    Thank you!
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    Cool stuff.

    Did you know Patton designed probably the last US Cavalry sabre?

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