Schools in Bay area, california?

Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by chikinini, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. chikinini

    chikinini New Member

    Anybody know of a lsai-Leskas school here? Do i get to keep my level/belt if i go to another LSAI-LESKAS school?

    Somewhere near redwood city, san jose, palo alto ,san mateo, fremont. San francisco is a bit far from me.

  2. Ryno

    Ryno New Member

    There is no active LSAI-LESKAS club in the SF Bay area that I know of. LESKAS Seattle is the only active club on the west coast, but it is possible that there are some Lightning practitioners floating around in that area.

    As far as rank goes, this tends to be club-specific. Instructor rankings are designated by the GMs and senior LSAI masters in conjunction with the LSAI and LESKAS organizations. Junior grades tend to be specific to the club branches.

    Here in Seattle we have no ranking system, whereas MK, SK, and others have club ranking systems. To be honest, none of us mind the lack of rank. People's ability is usually the best gauge anyway, and that is usually pretty evident once the sticks get moving.
  3. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    There are Senkotiros schools in that area if you would like. Check out for the locations.
  4. Shaun

    Shaun New Member

    I am fairly certain that there are no Lightning Scientific Arnis Instructors teaching in the San Francisco Bay area.
    The Seattle LESKAS group are qualified/certified Instructors, having trained with Master Elmer Ybanez for a number of years-Master Elmer Ybanez was one of the best Lightning Masters to have ever trained with Grandmaster Lema.
    With regards to rank,Mang Ben rarely ever spoke of it.This applied to himself and others.Once however he(Mang Ben) picked up a stick or itak(sword),you were left in no doubt as to his place as on of the foremost Grandmasters of the Philippines.
    To answer your question about transfering rank.If you studied with Lightning Master Manolo Del Rosario,this is all the introduction you need,so if Master Nols promoted you to a certain rank,this rank stands with any Lightning school.I am sute Ate Patty would agree with this.
  5. chikinini

    chikinini New Member

    I always wanted to train again. Oh well, My friends wanted to learn LESKAS too, I just won't teach them coz i'm not qualified.
  6. Ryno

    Ryno New Member

    Actually, none of us here at LESKAS Seattle were officially certified as instructors. Before his death, Maestro Elmer was rumbling about getting us certified sometime, but it wasn't a high priority for any of us as we all felt like there was much more to learn. Although Maestro mentioned that he'd like for us to take charge of more club branches sometime down the line, none of us had any plans to move out of the area, so certification just wasn't a big concern. If anyone wished to train in Lightning/LESKAS in the Seattle area, of course they should go to the best which was Maestro Elmer. It would have been silly for us to have started other Seattle clubs at that time, as we were still enjoying learning from our mentor.

    At the time of his passing, Maestro Elmer had certified nobody here in the states. Chris Turla was the senior Seattle club member and group leader, with Bob Park, myself and Joseph Gabriel also being senior members. Since then, Chris has recently moved out to one of the islands in the Puget Sound, and is considering starting another club branch out there in addition to coming down to train with us here in Seattle now and then. Joe has been inactive in the club for several years now. Bob and myself run the Seattle club on a day to day basis.

    As far as rank goes, I don't think it's such a big deal. Skill is more important. We in Seattle understand who are our seniors in the system, who would include many of the LSAI/LESKAS guros posting on this board. But we also know that we were trained well, and are still training hard, learning more, and improving. Many of the other local FMA guros have seen us train and fight, and have complimented us on our skill, often mentioning "You guys hit really hard." I'm sure Maestro Elmer would be pleased.

    Ryan Greene
    LESKAS Seattle
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  7. Banakun

    Banakun New Member

    I agree, rank doesn't mean anything without skill and one does not need a "rank" to prove that one has skill. In most LSAI-LESKAS groups, levels (dunno of any group which specifically uses actual "belts") are there to track student development. A certain level corresponds to a certain skill base so that instructors can easily track and recall what to teach who, when. Instructors Certifications are good for when you do want to teach since many interested students nowadays check for these. So it is a big help in establishing a group and making a name. But again, it is useless without skill, so those who give away Certifications need to be responsible enough to ensure that these certifications represent a certain level of mastery and those holding such certificates need to have the discipline within themselves to at least mantain or even better yet, improve on their skill base.

    Among the LSAI-LESKAS community, again "Instructor Certification" may vary since different Master Instructors may have different standards as to what make an "instructor." And most groups only have 3 ranking categories. Either you are a: 1. Student, 2. Assistant/Full Instructor, 3. Master Instructor. But most groups wherein the Instructors know each other personally would acknowlege rankings coming from others.
  8. roger211

    roger211 New Member

    went to the website, and tried to get info on location and programs.

    I'm looking for other schools around the Bay Area, more of South of San Francisco.
  9. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Try or in San Leandro. I think the site is undergoing a revamp and some of the info is hard to find right now.
  10. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Maybe one of the Admins could put a copy of this post in the General section? It may help the people not looking specifically for LSA.
  11. Ryno

    Ryno New Member

    There are lots of options in the Bay area. Davis is pretty far away from the Bay, and that club used to be run by Joe Pallen. To be honest, I wasn't too keen on his business practices from when I knew him back in the mid nineties. It looks like the San Leandro club is run by Jordan, who is a good fighter. I sparred him many ages ago, and he was very competent.

    Be aware that some of the Pallen family splits their training time between FMA and other systems, so be sure to look into exactly which type of training that they are focusing on.

    I used to train with the Lastra brothers in Largo Mano over in Vallejo. I believe that PG Eddie moved out to Gilmore, but Guro Robert might still be active there. They are both very good. Norlito Soriano was teaching semi-privately in the San Jose area some time back. There are tons of Cabales Serrada family stylists in the bay area. Jeff Finder and Mike Inay I know were running stuff in that area at various times, but I'm sure that there are many others as well.

    Saw a few listed here:
  12. chikinini

    chikinini New Member

    Sorry man, It's gonna be LESKAS or I'm taking up MMA. lol
  13. Ryno

    Ryno New Member

    No problem, I understand. Judo is lots of fun as well.

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