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    Nice Footage.

    Is Michael Sayoc part of the Sayoc Kali system that is popular here in the United States or does he have his own system?
  2. Thank you, my friend! Tuhon Michael has his own system.
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    Expect me to go there. . Its good to know that there is yet another birth of art in FMA and it is really near to me =D
  4. Sayoc Kali Philippines now offers a comprehensive 6-week instructorship course for foreign students! Contact us at for details!
  5. The six-week instructorship course will cover single and double sticks, mano-mano (Kali empty hands), tadyakan (Filipino low-line kickboxing), long and short blades, the exotic karambit, the bangkaw (long rattan stick), as well as firearms (M16 A1 5.56 mm Assault Rifle, and .45 and 9mm caliber pistols).

    Please add us up on Facebook for more updates. Username Sayockali Pilipinas
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    Guys, I don't know where to start. Master Mike is NOT a Tuhon. You offering a firearms course without the guidance of the Sayoc Tactical Group, and offering a Sayoc instructorship in 6 weeks is reprhensible. There Is one TUHON in Sayoc, and that is Pamana TUHON Christopher Sayoc, Caveat Emptor.

    James Cole
    Sayoc Fighting Systems
    Lakan Tatlo Guro
  7. blindside

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    I don't really want to stick my head in on this conversation where I have no position, but aren't there multiple "Tuhons" in Sayoc Kali?

    The certified instructors list on the Sayoc website includes Tuhons Ricardo Kayanan, Ray Dionaldo, and Felix Cortes, and the seminar portion offers a seminar by Tuhon Tom Kier.
  8. James Cole

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    Greetings M.R. Glass.
    You are correct. There are a number of Tuhons in Sayoc Kali, but there is one head TUHON that everything in Sayoc Kali filters through. That is Pamana TUHON Sayoc. Thanks for your question, and have a great day!

    James Cole
    Sayoc Fighting Systems
    Lakan Tatlo Guro
  9. First off, do you speak for Sayoc Global, Cole? I fail to see your name in the instructor's list at
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