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  1. After years of extensive propagation of the Filipino Martial Arts in US, Grandmaster Baltazar "Bo" Sayoc returned to the Philippines to find students who will inherit the fighting concepts he developed. He met Punong Lakan Herson " Mike " Sadiwa and Tuhon Claudio M Benzon to whom he entrusted the propagation of his art in the homeland. It was on December 31, 2006 that the very first Sayoc Kali Philippines ranking promotion was held in Bacoor, Cavite. At present, Sayoc Kali Philippines is on its 4th year, with the full support and recognition of Sayoc Kali International.

    Lakan Leopoldo "Leo" Lasaleta is the current Vice President and Training director of Sayoc Kali Philippines. His martial arts background encompasses 20 years of rigorous training with different martial arts such as Karate , Taekwondo, Aikido, Kickboxing and Kung Fu. He currently holds the rank of Lakan 2 in Sayoc Kali.

    He is the one actively teaching at the Cavite academies at the moment.

    Plans are also under way for Sayoc Kali classes in Ortigas near Metrowalk. The gym's tel.nos. are : 944 8075 and 09237050663. Again, classes are not yet held there, we're still in the process of finalizing with the gym but you may inquire thru the posted nos.

    Sayoc Kali Philippines training venues:

    Casa Hacienda
    Brgy. Tejeros Convention
    Rosario, Cavite
    (Regular classes)

    Gymix gym
    358 Nueno Avenue
    Exodus Bldg
    Imus Cavite
    (By appointment only - for private sessions)

    Contact for details
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    Cool. It is interesting to envision FMA's which were largely developed and spread in the USA now returning to the PI to be taught there. I will be curious to hear how the system is received. Good luck.
  3. Thank you, jwinch2.
  4. New Sayoc Kali Philippines training invitation video:

    Please excuse the quality. We're quite new to making videos.

    For those in the Philippines, inquire about the upcoming free demo class at

    Movement Studio28th-29th floor,
    Unionbank Plaza, Meralco Avenue cor Onyx Street
    Ortigas, Pasig (Fronting Metrowalk) 944 8075
    mobile: 0923 705 0663 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0923 705 0663 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    Thank you.
  5. The Sayoc Kali Philippines FREE demo class is on October 15, 2010, friday, 6pm at Movement gym (see address above) in Ortigas (Philippines). Please call 9448075 and/or 09237050663 for your slot.

    The class is open to everyone. Just bring your sticks, wear regular gym clothes and that's it.

    BTW, parking's free.
  6. The Sayoc Kali Philippines Ortigas curriculum will be very blade-oriented. Stickfighting techniques are taught to students after they get the basic knife fighting techniques down.

    What to expect on the first few days of classes (free initial class on October 15th, Movement Gym/Studio)

    Blade Etiquette:
    1.Blade orientation
    2.Blade awareness
    3.Blade handling protocols

    Blade fighting concepts:
    1.Natural responses to blades (we observe how you react to bladed weapons - do you withdraw? Do you tend to get overzealous? Do you have a healthy respect when presented with a blade?)
    2.Reflex movements when attacked with blades (where you put your arms, how you shift your stance, do you blink when we feint a thrust to the face, how well you utilize your peripheral vision)
    3.Proper conditioning of reflexes (We "reprogram" civilian "antics" to bladed weapons)
    4.Correct techniques developed as reflexes

    Knife Tapping :

    Evasive Footwork
    1.Side to side
    2.Side to side with double step
    4.Triangular Pattern
    5.Diamond pattern

    The training progression would depend on the student's ability to absorb what is taught.
    Next the student is taught the transition drills one by one (once he gets the basic techniques and concepts). Each transition drill has 5 basic levels

    For example:

    Transition Drill no. 1 (terms may be a little different from what our American brothers use, but they pertain to the same area)
    1.Right external jugular
    2.Left external jugular
    3.Partial blue worm
    4.Middle thyroid
    5.Left Sternocleidomastoid
    6.Thrust over left shoulder
    7.Right brachial plexus
    9.J-slash (reverse) with left brachial plexus thrust
    10.Left brachial plexus thrust to J-slash

    1st level is projectiles
    2nd level is Distant range (targets are the limbs, but same direction and angles of attack)
    3rd level is Medium range (targets are vital areas statted above)
    4th level is Close range (thrusts and slashes are followed through with more strikes to major blood vessels)
    5th level is Takedowns (as soon as the major vessles are struck, the opponent is taken down)

    Presenting "dynamic techniques" into static mediums such as words (or pictures) is very difficult, and we understand that what we posted here may be too confusing to be of any help.

    We invite you to join us and see the techniques for yourself. Again, this is going to be a free demo class.
  7. Sayoc Kali Philippines-Ortigas weekly schedule :
    Fridays and saturdays at 6 to 8pm.
    Call Movement Gym/Studio for details (see thread)
  8. Sayoc Kali Training Invitation

    Sayoc Kali Philippines is currently in the process of training candidates to form a core group of Sayoc Kali blade experts here in the Philippines. Interested parties have to undergo a screening process and should be ready to dedicate themselves to intensive training on Sayoc Kali blade methodology.

    Practitioners/Instructors from other groups are welcome, but please, PLEASE make sure there is no conflict of interest with your own FMA group. We do not want to stir up trouble. If you can ask from your grandmasters or instructors their blessing, please do so first before you decide to join us. We will not require you to leave your FMA group, but we will require loyalty to the system.

    Thank you.
  9. Plans are currently under way for Sayoc Kali Philippines classes in Greenhills at

    S.I.G. Center for the Arts
    Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern,
    Annapolis Street,
    Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines
    (Few steps behind The Promenade at the Greenhills Shopping Center; few meters beside O.B. Montessori)

    The gym is at the lower ground level of the hotel. Shower areas and pay parking are available.

    Contact Ms. Mayet Baris for details
    Mobile: 09167777401 or 09228424716
    Another free demo class is going to be held as soon as everything is settled.

    Thank you.
  10. Sayoc Kali Philippines Private Sessions

    Please watch our new youtube video:


    Sayoc Kali Philippines announces Sama Sama Pilipinas 2011, to be held on the 9th and 10th of April, 2011 in Cavite, Philippines. Tuhon Michael Anthony Sayoc will be hoding a seminar during the event. Sayoc Sama Sama Pilipinas is open to everyone who is interested. Please Email us for details at
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    Great footage my friend! ;)
  12. Thank you, Bri! You're always very supportive of us. We talked about you and your blog during our Sama Sama Pilipinas. The Lakans all send their appreciation!

    Sayoc Kali for kids (Sayoc Kali Philippines)

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