Sayoc and Pekiti- as they are now.

Discussion in 'Pekiti-Tirsia Kali' started by selfcritical, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

  2. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Brian, incidentally, I just got that sent to me in e-mail. It looks good man, thanx!

    I did one with a Pepsi can at the edge of a table and cut it right in half. I will put it up soon. The bottom of the can stood right up and didn't move. Imagine an arm or a neck!
  3. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Oops, did me and Brian go off topic? Sorry bout that folks!
  4. Bladedge888

    Bladedge888 New Member

    When I was a mere lad, I started eating baby-food which consisted of a puree of home grown chopped green beans and some chicken… but since I’m all grown up now, I now eat some of the finest Surf-and-Turf combinations which consists of corn-fed Black Angus Beef and Maine Lobster. You won’t catch me eating baby-food again as now I know the difference. What’s been alleged throughout the 19 pages of this thread, for whatever reason, is Black Angus Beef is really just baby-food because it contains the same ingredients. This is simply not the truth.


    Atienza Kali
  5. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    I am glad you have pride in your system but your accusations are guesses. Why you would you say that stuff? You know none of that is true! I don't even understand whay there is a seperation in brotherhood here.

    I did leave a bunch of names if you do not believe the man who runs PTK. I say ask them all...even the father and even the mother. Then you can answer this thread without accusations that are not true. Money fraud? Incest? Wow, thats strong stuff! But off topic!

    Please, be nice and ask questions to the afore mentioned names!
  6. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Don't worry--I'm out of town anyways! :)
  7. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    I would like to add...I do not understand all this anger here. I do not understand all this bashing of Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje. The man is a great martial artist and has a great system of fighting...a very logical system and it has grow big lately. I am sure after over 40 years of martial art training and over 30 years in FMA's I could recognize that and I would not just follow a name that Dan Inosanto always talks about at this point in my life. Guro Dan always says he is the best.

    Yes, he gets mad on these forums because of fraud and because of what is said about him. Ok, he really goes off...give him credit for having some testosterone left at his age. Thats a good thing and shows he is still heavily active and not sitting around with his thumbs in his belt. Yes, he is crazy and willing to fight and kill and he is known for that. What is wrong with that? Is that not every ones personal profile here for the most part. Saying things like incest is carrying it a bit to far and he deserves an apology but I am sure he will not get one. He never cheated me...I have had money go back and forth numerous times. He helped me when I was low on money. I can go on with rumors I have heard about him for thread after fact, I was thinking of starting a Leo Gaje rumor thread. Some of them are rather amusing! :))

    I am friends with everyone in FMA's and I would really like to see this ******** resolved here. The throwing of typed out letters at each other without researching the answers is rediculous. I would not mind playing mediater here. I may not spell things properly ;) but there is a Filipino martial arts brother hood to fix here so I will do what I can. PTK, SK and AK among a few others seem to have realism involved and none of them popped outa the air into the brains of the teachers teaching those styles. The PTK teacher here tells of his origins over and over again. The PTK teacher here speaks of his origins over and over again all over the place.

    Well, this is my attempt and again, ask questions to the people I mentioned to get some facts. Research may just solve the problems with this thread!
  8. PeteNerd

    PeteNerd Member

    Hey man I agree with you. Honestly I'm happy with my training in PTK. The Sayoc's and the Atienza's doing what they do is of no consequence to me. It neither adds nor removes from my training in PTK. This isn't a zero sum game. Things don't have to be better or worse, can't they just be different. Taking pot shots at each other doesn't help anyone out.

  9. Kailat


    Ron K;

    Greetings sir, I have to admit it and I've sat back and stayed out of much of this controversy mainly because to be honest well its not any of my business, as Im not a PTK full-time student and I am not a student of the other's as well. But I am however, a student within or under the Pekiti Tirsia umbrella via my Guro. I will have to also go on to further say that there are many of those wich study along side of me, and or under my watchful wing that read these forums and have expressed their concern and or dislikes of the ongoings! I've expressed sincerely to many of them to just overlook the antics of these ongoing rants and to let it be of no great concern to them, and do not allow this to by any means discourage ro discontinue their beliefs of PTK or DTK or any other system of FMA they wish to follow now or in the future.

    So to say in closing for what its worth, I stand behind you and all those who can and will just allow this to vanish and be greatfully put behind us. Allow by-gones to be by-gones and allow old news be just that old news. We can focus on the future of FMA and the continuous growth and development as well as the evolution of FMA as a whole by not letting the sworeness of the past relinquish or stop us from enjoying what we as many love and or desire....

    thats my .02 worth on it, and i'll leave it alone.

    Thank you
    aka Kailat
  10. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Gees this topic is as worn out as a hooker at a Mattress convention. Lord life is way to short for such high school confidential drivel...19 pages worth of what? Bupkus..that's what...

    Now wheres my May-lox...this thread has turned my guts sour!
  11. Imua Kuntao

    Imua Kuntao New Member

    in fact, I was thinking of starting a Leo Gaje rumor thread. Some of them are rather amusing! :))

    Dont you dare! Chuck Norris will become mad with jealousy.
  12. tanod

    tanod New Member

    haha. i guess people are still on with this thread. come on people move on. next!
  13. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Thats a start! I am just thankful to have Filipino martial arts. I do not feel JKD and grappling will solve the self defense problems I can run into as I get well into an older age. Though, I am sure they will help but I do not plan on getting into any bar fights any time soon. For multi man attacks and especially if there are weapons involve, I really feel my Kuntao and Kali training is what I will fall into. Not many outside the SE Asian styles can actually make that same confident claim.

    I usually do not get involved in battles between clans either. I usually read them but I don't like to get involved. Here, I made a point from my observation and got attacked for bad spelling. Over and over again as a matter of fact. Guro Dan Inosanto and Sifu Larry Hartsell have been my teachers for over 20 years. Outside of the martial arts I learned from them is to keep an open mind. To see what the other guy has to offer. To see if it is for me or to learn it to see how to counter it. Being humble like that can be mistaken for weekness because over the years in forums I have read bad stuff said about them as well. I feel it made me that much closer to being a martial scientist if anything. Self proclaimed, of course!

    Anyway, take what I say here with an open mind. There should be a brotherhood in FMA's. Keyboard warrior battles, throwing accusations around are not going to show other stylists any kind of brotherhood. There is nothing wrong with pride in your style. I have a lot of pride in my PTK. But if You all or me just focus on the finger, we will miss all that heavenly glory![​IMG]
  14. Kailat


    Originally Posted by PG Michael B [​IMG]
    Gees this topic is as worn out as a hooker at a Mattress convention. Lord life is way to short for such high school confidential drivel...19 pages worth of what? Bupkus..that's what...

    Now wheres my May-lox...this thread has turned my guts sour!"

    >>> Well Mike, I can agree with you to an extent. Being here in this hell hole I call INDIANA lol... U remember it here right? Anyway not alot of FMA around these parts...I know of and or can count on 1 hand the FMA instructors in the WHOLE STATE!!! With that, those that are interested in FMA and understanding and learning it do come to these boards and forums and read "and trust me, do not post" are much like GHOST I know of a few that read these boards daily sometimes several times a day and you and I or anyone never have ever seen a single post by them. They are beginners, onseer's, possibly the future of FMA in a whole. And these are just the few that I know of personally im almost certain for ever 1 that i know there are a dozen that WE/I do not know! So, we cannot allow this or let this continue to grow and spiral out of control. YES many are adults and many can and will make their own minds up. BUT there are many adults that do not understand nothing but what they read here.. AND that either feeds them negativeness, or petty b.s. that they see within a martial arts culture in which they may choose to follow. If they see this onslought of public embarrassment to an elder in the arts, no matter what the means are.. and go to the MAtalk forum and see all the other traditional arts getting along and chatting it up like pals from accross the seas and other far lands and making friends and making changes, they see that and ask " Why? " " What is wrong w/ FMA?" , " Why do people not respect or try and out an elder?" sure we can all stand back and let this go- on, and maybe we should!! I don't know, but it really does bring down moral of students. It also causes some to just steer clear of it alot.. We all remember when we were new to the arts and who we looked up to and why? We all remember why we were drawn to the FMA over the TMA and most of us all started out there... We should not allow the public forum and tiff's take that away from some other person who is seeking the same thing we all felt in the beginning.. So for that, it is only fair.. We can all have our own beliefs, likes, and dislikes, and he said, she said garbage.. but we should keep those within private conversations, or our own little circles were comfortable in.. I for one don't feel airing others dirty laundry is or should be public, unless that would be ok by airing "OUR OWN" dirty laundry out to air as well...

    I don't know many of you, if any of you at all that post on these boards.. I've spoken to a few of u on the phones or in private emails etc... and truthfully thats cool.. Im in the arts for making friends not enemies.. this should be a brotherhood, a band of bretheren... Not like a bunch of women sitting around the hair salon talking about each other like its a sin... LOL .. We are men damnit!!! : ) MOVING ALONG with this.. NEXT is right...

    now lets drink a good BREW!! pick up the sticks and blades and go tear up something... LOL...

    Peace, Love, and Hairgrease Homies'
  15. Kalis

    Kalis New Member

    sayoc challenge

    I saw sayoc forum that they put bad about ptk maybe they
    felt inferior for sure, the true warrior must be in good fit not look like a
    pig body fit.

    and even can't run 5 miles, then they talk about fighting? fighting for
    what? this sayoc people are talk alot, but no serious word of fighting
    in reality. here in the philippines i never..never seen or heard about sayoc
    even the shadow of the pig body.

    if you claim being a warrior or a real fighter,you must be in good shape 2nd you talk a real thing, not in keyboard. I challenge sayoc system to
    come in the philippines and fight live blade to the death if they are true,
    the blade will talk about it.

    I don't care who you are,but i'm serious to fight you,come to the
    philippines people in sayoc.
  16. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    That's enough! This thread is closed!
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