San Diego Grand Internationals

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    Come compete at the 12th Annual San Diego Grand International Martial Arts Competition. The Tournament will begin on April 24th at the Downtown San Diego Concourse.

    Join us for a great day of competition in:
    •Traditional and Open Forms
    •Sparring (Point, Continuous, Bout)
    •Stick Fighting
    •Blade Fighting
    •Tae Kwon Do
    •Kenpo and Polynesian Forms
    •and Much More!

    Our last cut off for preregistrations (on-line, mail, or fax) is April 14, 2010. We will also be accepting advance registrations through April 21, 2010 (on-line, mail or fax) This will allow you to be registered before those at the door.

    We do first to register last to compete.

    All competitors are welcome to come to the door to compete.

    SHERATON SUITES has extended their $139.00 suite rate if reserved by March 24. Mention you are registering for the tournament. The number for reservations is 1-800-962-1367.

    For More Information go to

    See you in San Diego

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