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  1. MacJ_007

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    This is Tabimina Balintawak in Salinas, CA. It's me training my brothers at my house. Feel free to ask questions.

    Dondon vs. Jojo 40 MB
    Chrys vs. Jojo 46MB

    You can also download it in MEGAUPLOADS.
    Dondon vs. Jojo
    Chrys vs. Jojo

    For those of you who doesn't know what a bittorent is please download Azureus then download the file.

    P.S. I edited and cut it into two since the file was 96 MB. This is a torrent file please help seed when your done. Thanks.
  2. Datu Tim Hartman

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    Is that the normal range you practice?
  3. MacJ_007

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    Yes that is the normal range that we practice.
  4. Rich Parsons

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    It looks like some repeated strikes in there. Is this because of a pattern (* Note: Bobby Tabamina trained first with Villasin, from what I have read, and this is not bad. Just curious *) or is it the level of the students that keep coming back to the techniques that they know?

    Also I saw the forehand and back hand Punyo strikes, and I am curious, if they are meant as solid strikes or as baits?

    Thank you
  5. MacJ_007

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    The repeated strikes are necessary to implant it in their system. Only through repetition can they achieve it. It is also necessary, if the student can block the attack if you suddenly change the pattern, to see the reaction, thereby killing the basic human instinct. And also the most important aspect of all is building defense. About the strike, its the hammer fist. They're all meant to be full strike as Balintawak's strikes are all full strikes, but to prevent from hurting my brother I did it that way. I've seen Sir Bob and his student Edmund translate the sticks to empty hand and decided to follow and continue teaching them it the same manner, since I am their stimulus and I dont carry stick all the time, but the concept is the same. It's up to the people who view it, if they can find the possibilities of attack in that video.

    I have not seen any of Manong Ted Buot's Balintawak and would like to see it. Are there any videos available on the net? If not then maybe I'll see it one of these days, God willing. Thanks.
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  6. Buwaya

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    Do you find that unusual?
  7. Rich Parsons

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    Thank you for the reply.

    There is no video of Manong Ted that I know of. If you are ever in the South East Michigan area, let me know.

    Thanks for the video links as well.
  8. MacJ_007

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    No problem. I'll definitely let you know if i'm around your area. I'll make more videos in a couple of weeks, showing the development of my brothers. Maybe you could send me your videos if you have and we could cross-reference. I'm always interested seeing ungrouped systems.
  9. MacJ_007

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  10. Soncen

    Soncen Teovel Balintawak

    Hello MacJ 007,

    Here we again in this forum.

    I've just finished watching your demo in the video and it’s really very nice to see my martial art being propagated in that faraway place and I am very proud of you bringing the name of the Balintawak. You know, I was really fascinated moving your video from one after the other; the movements were very similar to our own the Teovel Balintawak.

    But I know your teacher Bobby Tabimina was once a student to our Grandmaster Teofilo Velez and he obviously got some grouping techniques in his teaching method as what you had shown although he mastered his craft from the great Grandmaster Anciong Bacon.

    Such the one that you applied to your partner in the “palakaw” demo controlling (hold) on his stick hand is an advance variation of group # 2 lesson in our teaching method. I hope to hear from you more in this thread.

    Wilson Ceniza
  11. MacJ_007

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    Manoy Wilson kumusta??? Thanks for watching my videos, and there's still more to come. You can view the rest of the videos here There's similarities in grouping and random method but as you know I only learned a little from Sir Bobby Tabimina. I'm going home this coming September to train with him again. Hopefully I can swing by Cebu to visit my relatives and also if God willing visit Teovel Balintawak as well. Ayo-ayo lang mo diha noy Wilson. God bless. You can e-mail me at
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    Hey JoJo,

    Do you have a website for Salinas Balintawak? Let me know! btw this is Mestiso from How's training?!! I'm going to send you an email from there to catch up with you.

    Peace, ~John.
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    Wow, great stuff! I love watching the live hand used in so many ways.
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