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    In continuing my articles on the European martial arts influence on FMA, we shall exam the concepts of abecedario, numerado and the modern positions of Saber fencing and its relationship to military fencing.

    Abecedario or ABC's is an alphabetical order to strikes (see picture) which is a training method within military fencing. Numerado, or (by the numbers) conceptually can point to both a numbering system to strikes and thrusts (see pictures), as well as a preset partner line drilling of a give and take nature.

    Oddly, here in the United Stated the term Abecedario has come to signify a numbering system of striking. Now anyone whom trains FMA, knows about its preoccupation with triangles. In modern sport saber fencing, as well as Esgrima Militar, defenses were taught from the triangle (see pictures). Also, many of the body positions remind me of FMA positions, especially those that wield heavy sword blades (see pictures). Also, I modern sport saber fencing, the familiar concept that is in most FMA systems is also present. The ubiquitous stop hit or as we know it in FMA, the infamous hit to the hand (see picture). Nevertheless, European Martial arts are but only one influence upon modern FMA.

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