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  1. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member


    My name is Eric Breuer. I am the Heir of system to the ROSSI KUNTAO SYSTEM INTERNATIONAL. WE have a small but strong organization of dedicated Kuntao stylists. We believe in independence and support. We welcome all to join us. We are glad to be part of the FMA and hope to help all of us grow.

    Feel free to browse my web sites:

    Thank YOU for having such a forum.
    Eric Breuer
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Welcome! I hope you'll tell us more about your system. If we get more kuntao people here we'd be happy to add a dedicated forum for it!
  3. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member

    From ERIC:

    Thanks for the welcome. I will be passing this site on to my guys. If you don't mind I would like to add a link on to my UNIVERSAL FIGHTING ARTS FELLOWSHIP INT. (ufafi) web site to start. I control that one. The I have to wait for my server (family member) to get around to it.

  4. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Feel free to put the link in your Signature (use the USER CP tab on the upper left of the page). Then it'll appear in all your posts.
  5. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member

    Grand Master Joe Rossi

    Kun Tao Grand Master Joe Rossi was a WWII hero, one of 69 to graduate the first U.S. military commando class. He was assigned to a Filipino jungle survival expert who became his Kun Tao master. Grand Master Rossi, already his Navy fleet's boxing champ, fine tuned his Kun Tao into a very effective hand to hand method.

    Prior to his passing in November of 1998 Grand Master Rossi promoted Master Eric Breuer to the rank of 7th degree black belt the highest rank ever issued in the ROSSI KUN TAO SYSTEM. He also honored him with the title SOKE-DAI (HEIR OF SYSTEM). Mr. Breuer actively teaches the ROSSI KUN TAO SYSTEM as part of his black belt curriculum.
  6. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member

    Text from above (white text may be difficult to read).
    In 1521, Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines. Magellan did not know how the native tribes would receive him and his crew, and he decided to land on an uninhabited island, later known as Homonhou. Once his crew had recouped from their long journey, Magellan decided to explore other islands. During his travels, Magellan became friends with a local Rajah named Kalumbu. With the help of Kalumbu, Magellan and-his crew went on to discover many of the islands of the Philippine chain. Magellan was able to convert Rajah Kalumbu, his wife and 500 of his tribe to Christianity. With this new conversion, Magellan gave Kalumbu power to rule over all the islands in the name of Spain. Magellan brought all of the Rajah's together for a conference. With a show of military prowess Magellan informed the Rajahs of Kalumbu's new position. Most agreed to cooperate, however, one stood against them. His name was Rajah Lapu-Lapu, ruler of the island of Mactan. Magellan believed that the spears, swords, daggers and sticks of Lapu┬ĚLapu's tribe would be of no match for his muskets. Thus, Magellan and Kalumbu went to war on the island of Mactan. Soon, much to Magellan's dismay, he learned Lapu-Lapu was more formidable than expected. Lapu-Lapu and his wariors had great confidence in their Artting-Anting (magic amulets), Kali (use of weapons) and KunTau (fist way). For the first time in the history of Philippine martial arts, they were used to defend their homeland from an invading force. Legend has it that Magellan died on the shores of Mactan at the hands of Lapu-Lapu in a fierce hand-to-hand battle. This pitted Magellan's sword against Lapu-Lapu's rattan stick. Magellan's army also suffered defeat at the hands of Lapu-Lapu's men. During the time of Spanish rule, all weapons were banned from the local tribes. As a result, the continued . . .
  7. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member

    empty hand martial arts flourished. They were practiced under the guise of dance and stick games. It was not for centuries that the martial arts began to emerge from underground.

    Just as the Philippine arts began to resurface, Japanese occupation of the islands banned the practice of the native arts. Once again the fighting arts went underground. During this time the art of Kun Tao was on a collision course with the West, in the name of Joe Rossi.

    Most of the martial arts of the Philippines were weapon arts. Kun Tao, however, is an empty hand art. Kun Tao is an art based on Chinese Monkey Kung Fu. In many ways the fighting tactics resemble a mixture of Kenpo and Aiki Jujitsu. Kun Tao places a strong emphasis on pressure points and flesh tearing techniques.

    Although masters of the past have tried to keep Kun Tao a secret they have not been successful. Prior to Japan's involvement in W.W. II the U.S. Armed Forces sent their best men to the strategic Philippine Islands for training in jungle warfare. This was the first exposure of Kun Tao to U.S. Servicemen.

    Grandmaster Joe Rossi was one of these elite fighting men. Born in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1919. Grandmaster Rossi grew up in a predominately Italian section of town. At age 15, he joined the Boy's Club and took up boxing. Fighting under the name Joe Dundee, he became the middleweight champion of Waterbury. Mr. Rossi was also involved in gymnastics, dance and semi-pro football as a youth.

    In 1937, Mr. Rossi joined the Army and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Mr. Rossi continued his boxing career winning his camp's championship. In 1940, Mr. Rossi decided not to re-enlist in the Army, continued . . .
  8. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member

    and instead joined the Navy. He was first stationed on the U.S.S. Vincennes, a heavy cruiser that toured the North Atlantic. The U.S.S. Vincennes patrolled from Iceland to the Cape of Good Hope, Africa. Their mission was to search for German U-boats. Mr. Rossi continued boxing becoming the fleet champion. The great Jack Dempsy and Sugar Ray Robinson refereed some of his matches.

    While on patrol on August 9, 1942, at 2:00 A.M., the U.S.S. Vincennes was sunk along with three other ships. Mr. Rossi was reassigned to the U.S.S. Hornet Carrier. Mr. Rossi saw action in the Battle of the Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal. Mr. Rossi then signed up for special forces training in Hawaii. This is where he met his Philippine master. The training was intense, out of 295 men, only 69 graduated. Mr. Rossi was one of those men. The training included jungle survival, camouflage and hand-to-hand self-defense; in particular, Kun Tao.

    After 58 months of active duty, Mr. Rossi was wounded in action. After recuperating in California, Mr. Rossi was sent to Alaska. After one year he was ordered to Annapolis, Maryland, to train Mid-Shipmen at the Naval Academy. Mr. Rossi's old Captain fr0m the Vincennes was now an Admiral in charge of the base. In January of 1947, Mr. Rossi left the Navy with an Honorable Discharge, a Victory Medal, Air Crew Insignia (three bronze stars), Asiatic Pacific Ribbon (four bronze stars), Good Conduct Medal, Americana Ribbon, American Defense Ribbon, and a Purple Heart.

    At home, Mr. Rossi's good friend, Katsugo master Hany Hamzy, urged him to open a Kun Tao school. He took the advice of his friend and today is a recognized tenth degree grandmaster certified by the Philippine Kun Tao Karate Association. Mr. Rossi has instructed hundreds of students to the rank of black belt and oversees the instmction of his affiliate schools throughout the United States. After 56 years in the martial arts Mr. Rossi passed the hammer to Eric Breuer just prior to his death in 1998. Master Breuer has a small but loyal following of Masters wishing to continue G/M Rossi's wishes.
  9. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    With all due respect, you need to reinvestigate the history of Kuntao.. Kuntao is not just an empty hand system, it incorporates the Chinese, Filipino, and Indonesian systems of combat as was taught with the different trading expeditions and the marriage of the different cultures.
    Kuntao does have some Moyet aspects in it, but it also has Tiger,, Snake and other versions of Silat and Chinese influences in it.

    Plus there has never been a Philippine Kuntao Karate association, the closest thing that ever was to this name was the Philippine Karate Association which GM Carlito Lanada of Lanada Kuntaw was the president of right after martial law was declared by Marcos.
    There was a big Kuntaw organization that was headed by GM Lanada, but it was called Kuntaw ng Pilipinas and International Kuntaw Federation which looked more like karate than Kuntao/Kuntaw as GM Lanada had incorporated the Japanese arts into the system to make it more competitive. At one time we were called the Maharlika Kuntao/Kuntaw Kungfu Association and the art of Kuntaw/Kuntao has been in the different variations of Fighting arts of the Philippines for Generations. I go to the Philippines at least once or twice a year for training in the different variations of Kuntao that I can find.. That way I can continue my research into these arts as I have already researched at least 4 systems that were of interest to me.. I have trained with Kuntao stylist from as far north as LaUnion province down to Cebu in the Philippines, but that doesn't mean that I am all knowing in all the systems of the Philippines.

    Kuntaw/Kuntao has different definititions as in Chinese Kuntao which means fist way, but there are several variations of the Filipino Kuntaw and I have been studying these different systems for over 35 yrs and have been ranked by three different instructors in both Filipino and Chinese Kuntao.

    The Chinese Kuntao that I started with in Taiwan was a mixture of Bagua and Chuan fa (which also means fist way) from the southern area of China and was brought to Taiwan by personnel assigned to Chiang Kai Shek during the evacuation of the Kumintang (sp) troops under his command..

    As a Kuntao/Kuntaw practitioner/instructor since the 70's, whenever I hear anything about Kuntao (be it either Filipino or Chinese) my attention is drawn to the thread and I look for information dealing with the different systems outside of what I already have trained with.
  10. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I think there are several understandings of what kuntao is. I know I always think first of a principally Chinese import adopted as Karate was in Okinawa but I know that's a simplified view.
  11. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member

    You are pretty much correct. Chinese arts such as monkey kung fu blended with native Filipino arts. Then G/M Rossi added his own twists and turns.
  12. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member


    You have indeed done more research than I. I am sorry the way my post read about being empty handed. I meant it to read that most arts such a arnis, etc start out straight away with weapons. The way I learned kuntao is empty handed first. I think it would be safe to say All oriental arts at some point use weapons. Also the Philipine Kuntao Karate Association was a group here in the states. It was developed by G/M Rossi's Instructor and several others who were involved with the Navy. Like so much of History is lost or twisted this is what was handed down to me by my Grand Master. The history of the art really didn't matter to me. What mattered was that I could fight with the techniques I was learning. I applaud you on your quest for the history of OUR art. Thanks for Posting.
  13. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    I remember when the article came out in tkd times.. I talked to a lot of the Rossi Kuntao guys because there was some questions that they shot me about lineage and history of Kuntao from the Philippines...

    I also fought with the applications that we were taught in the Kuntao systems that I was taught.. We had club fights in Taiwan, then when I moved to the Philippines and took up Kuntaw/Kuntao there, we had tournaments all over the Philippines where we had a full contact team which represented Clark AB and some of our guys also were fighting in the nationally televised program called Full Contact which consisted of empty hand and weapons competition.

    Over the years, I have been teaching Kuntao/Kuntaw to both military and civilians who were interested in learning the programs.. I also included the lineage and history of the arts because of the way I was taught..

    It is my way of giving back to my instructors and to keep the history of the art alive and thriving.. Not to let it wither and die on the vine as the history of some Kuntao systems have over the years that I have been researching the systems.

    But that is just the way I am
  14. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member

    Hey Bill,

    Thanks again for posting. I'm not sure why you are making an issue of this?

    But, that is fine. There was a huge rift when G/M Rossi passed. Why any of them contacted YOU of all people is a surprise. Since none of the guys I'm in touch with ever heard of YOU.

    It was like the rift when Ed Parker died. But if you wish....Contact me on my ERICBREUER@WORLDBLACKBELT email. I will get you in touch with G/M Rossi's son JEFF to verify my standing. If you would also be so kind as to provide the names of the Rossi people who contacted you???
    I can tell you that Master Ronnie R., Master Mike B., Master Ernie B., Master Ventura S. and Master Joe B. along with the entire Rossi family and the Hamzy's (G/M's best friends and Katsugo masters) family are behind me. If you could at least email me with one of the complete last names of the Master's I mentioned??? Otherwise, cool your jets in Okinawa. You are looking foolish!!!

    So, what is your agenda ????

    There are as many KUNTAO systems out there as there are families in the Philipines. Lighten up !!!! What I promised a dieing OLD GRAND MASTER I intend to fullfill. You don't like it??? TO BAD!!!
  15. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member

    Oh Bill,

    I forget...... Have YOU ever been published in International Magazines ??? I have for many arcticals. 3 for my G/M Rossi Kuntao system. And about 15 others. Plus, TV and movie rolls. Not to mention my Instructional videos for the Connecticut State Police, CSPTV and personal student tapes.

    What have YOU done??? Tried to berate me!!! Someone, you never met.

    By the way I have had parts in several feature films. Black Cougar and Silent Tears, Others.... YOU ????

    Not sure why YOU ATTACKED ME !!!!!!

    GO AWAY!! Or contact me personally. We can work out your issues.

  16. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Please, keep the discussion polite and respectful.

    -FMAT Admin
  17. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    My aren't we being a little defensive!!!!
    This was not an attack on you or the Rossi Kuntao system.. I was just explaining the communications that I had with some of the Rossi Kuntao guys right after the article came out..

    As I stated before, I research anything dealing with Kuntao and have trained with different instructors outside of the states because I had the opportunity to do so as part of my career in the military.. It is because of this that allows me to put systems to locations of origin which adds to my students knowledge of Kuntao..

    This is not an attack directed toward you, it is my response to what I saw by some of the comments that were directed to me about the lineage question.. You came out and posted that you were not interested in lineage as you were more reliant on the applications that you were taught.. I responded in the way I did because I feel it is the obligation of the instructor to pass on the knowledge and lineage information that he received in his training to keep the system's history intact and not lost in the past...

    As far as my past endeavors dealing with the printed publications, yes I have been published in international publications.. One of which was a magazine that was called Manila Magazine and had a circulation of both the Philippines, Micronesia and the west coast of the states.. I have also done TV and movie spots on Guam and the Philippines.. One movie I was in was called "Don't cry, It's only thunder" which starred Dennis Christopher, Susan St. James and was filmed in the Philippines..

    I didn't mean to piss in your cornflakes as it is evident in your follow up postings, but I didn't come into the room spouting that I was the Heir to a Kuntao system and come across (this is my opinion and mine alone) as beating my chest to prove my own status to the room...

    I have been on this forum for about 6 months and granted there are times when people mistake the responding statements as a personal attack which is far from what I intended my remarks to be..

    I have been doing Kuntao for the majority of my martial arts training and have used it in real world applications with out sounding boisterous and trying to make myself look good to other posters..

    As you quoted, Kuntao is as varied as families in the world, my postings were as a result to what I read as being posted by a first time poster who in turned wrote 4 or 5 postings dealing with the history of his system, which I did enjoy reading, but as soon as I posted my remarks, YOU took it as a personal attack which was not my intention.. YOU were the one that started berating me as a result of my comments to your posting.. YOU were the one that started the threads stating your trials and tribulations in Kuntao.

    We can agree that the art of Kuntao is a hotly contested system as it is varied as snowflakes in a snow storm.. It is a system that begs to be opened to interpetition by the individual instructor and student to make the art/system work for you as it is designed for combat and real world applications not for ball room dancing..

    In closing, It was not my intent to appear this to be a pissing contest and we can agree to disagree about lineages and history about the art..

    Heaven knows that I have been in several flame wars as a result of my research in the Kuntao arts, especially since one of my instructors trained with William Reeders back in the early 60s and the Reeders system is a hot bed for controversy.

    This is the last posting I am going to make in this thread as a courtesy to the other forumites and the guidelines as agreed to..
  18. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Wow..Bill you never mentioned that you were in the movies albeit ones I never heard of..LOL ( and to think I had you pegged for XXX),lol. This is an interesting pissing match do for accolades, Bill serving in our Armed Forces for all those years and laying it on the line as many times as you did speaks volumes for you (in my book)..nothing else needs to be said.
  19. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    You have known me long enough by now to know that I am one to let the past stay buried and only let it out when needed.. The only reason why this happened is because my Geritol cocktail had a double shot of brain laxative poured in and the lock from the dusty cobweb safe that is called my brain slipped from it's hasp..

    In response to the past movies, true some of them were triple XXX but those are now laying at the bottom of Mount Pinatubo because the wife found one of them and was asking who the guy with hair was.. Needless to say, they made the ultimate sacrifice and took the final plunge in the lahar to be buried for the purpose of being a time capsule for the next occupants of earth to find in their archeological digs..:biggrinbo

    Nuff said as my Philosophical personna is giving me a headache
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  20. ericbreuer

    ericbreuer New Member

    Hey Bill,
    Because I have been published by almost every major Martial Art Mag means its important for you to state you were in PORNO'S ????


    WOW DUDE, You are the one that ATTACKED me from my first posting. Then, YOU say I am being DEFENSIVE ??? DAH !!!! Attack me and I'll defend. Wouldn't you?


    I have 22+ years as a Ct. State Trooper. My last 8 years was body guard to the Governor. I am retired with an out - standing record. Medals.... the Governors proclamation, the whole 9 yards. I can produce ...
    ... can YOU?

    I would like to do some research on you. MIKE is impressed, maybe YOU can impress me too? [EDIT]

    So, Bill how about a full BIO with honest Info before YOU call some one out?

    By the way I was also the DFT instructor for the CSP, RSP, The Ct. National Guard and the FBI for a few years.

    Thanks for YOUR "WARM" Greeting into this forum.


    Is this how all your "NEW" members are ..... GREETED ???? ... WOW!!!...eric
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