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    I've seen the name Pedring Romo, and Boy Romo....
    I'm curious, how many in the Romo clan are active eskrimadors,
    and how similar are their movements to Bahad Zubu?
  2. I've just a posted a photograph from yesterday's practice including Master Boy and Pedring Romo. Their movements are similar to Bahad Zubu as Ilustrisimo is one of the main roots of Bahad Zubu and they have trained with Tatang. Bahad Zubu has also evolved from GM Yuli's own experiences and research. Being brothers of Master Yuli they have obviously trained with him a lot. Master Yuli has 4 brothers (I think!) with all of them being masters too - Muloy. Boy, Pedring and Rene.

    There is a video on Youtube of Master Muloy (and Master Pedring too!) but I don't have time to find it. This article could be of interest to you though:

    Before Master Yuli used to make reference to "The Romo Clan" when naming his style but he has since dropped that tag. He says that "Not all Romos are fighters". However, I'm sure you'll agree his family has more than most!

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