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    hello everyone. my name is kevin hand. i was on fma talk a few years back but took some time off. now i am back and looking forward to learning and sharing. i started martial arts in 1969 when i was ten years old. through the years i have trained in numerous styles, gained rank in a few, and taught most of my life, mainly small groups of friends or privately. a year or two after bruce lee died i found the filipino martial arts via dan inosanto and richard bustillo, through their writings in magazines and books. in 1979 i met dan and richard at the filipino kali academy in torrance while i was stationed in the usaf. it was always a goal of mine to meet them. since then i have had two seminars with dan and one with richard...and about seven fma seminars at my former school in west palm beach, the sdma academy. i was promoted to instructor by my now late friend, ed pagan. co founder of the academy. my goal now is to find someone who teaches fma and begin training again. ive purchased the books by dan anderson on modern arnis and one by bram frank, and three books on silat, as i feel silat blends with with the filipino arts, and vice versa. there is nothing in my area in the way of fma. i have just moved to crestview florida, near pensacola. so if i can get involved with someone then i have a good chance of eventually opening a class or school in the area. back in the early eighties i developed a teaching system i call, creative martial arts, which is founded on some of the principles of bruce lee's philosophy of freedom and creativity in the martial arts. but i really feel the need to move forward with the filipino arts and promote them, because of my love of the flow and the creativity found in the practice of these arts. im glad to be back on fma talk and part of the fma community. thank you.

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