Retaining the Knife.

Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by arnisador, Jan 6, 2006.

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    I love cold steel as well. I don't get why a lot of people hate it. I use it as my everyday knife and it's a joy to use.

    Personally, I would wrap it around the palm of my hand.
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    unless you have plenty of time to insert your hand through the loop or wrap it around your hand it would be difficult to use in a self defence situation. You need time to get it in place.
    Now the only uses I can think off for the loop are to prevent possible loss of the knife in wet or extreemly cold weather or if the person holding the knife is crazy enough to try to use it as a wipe/chain/etc. I would never suggest do that but someone might just try it.
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    My guess that the knife you are describing in your post is a ww1 trench knife.. These were issued during the first war and were used for close in trench work.. I know there have been several clones made of this knife over the years and a few have been carried for a couple of generations by personnel who they were handed down to from father to son and so on.. The trench knife was good for limited use due to the configuration of the blade as it was primarily a thrusting weapon instead of a slashing weapon due to the stiletto style blade and the brass knuckle configured handle..

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