Report from Eskrima Serrada/Silat Seminar March 4

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    A beautiful Filipino/Indonesian martial arts event was held at Pitt’s Martial Arts Academy in Oakland , CA on Sunday, March 4th, 2007. Basics of both Eskrima Serrada and Silat were taught.
    Punong Guro James Hundon (Universal Martial Arts Academy/International Eskrima Serrada Association) and Chief Maestro Brandon Jordan (Mandirigma Mandala Kali/International Eskrima Serrada Association) were the instructors for this seminar.
    Sifu Felix Macias Jr., Instructor Joe Olivarez (former student of Master Sonny Umpad), Contre-Mestre Kenneth Pitts, Punong Guro Bob Manalo (IESA), Guro Bob Eickwort (IESA), and students from various schools throughout the Bay Area participated. The energy level of all was very high, and people really had fun at this seminar.
    First up, Chief Maestro Brandon Jordan (MMK/IESA) gave a detailed lesson in the triangular footwork patterns of basic Silat langkas, and the meaning behind the movements. Students were then able to incorporate these principles into the Silat and Kuntao techniques that followed. Empty hand entries; strikes using Silat triangular striking patterns; and takedowns were the main focus of this part of the seminar.
    Next, Punong Guro James Hundon (UMAA/IESA) took the floor to teach fundamental Eskrima Serrada techniques. The focus was the inside counter to a number 1 angle strike. Punong Guro Hundon taught the proper form of both the strike and the counter. After time for practice, Punong Guro Hundon moved on to empty hand counters with takedowns.
    Both Punong Guro Hundon and Chief Maestro Jordan gave personalized attention to every participant. Students were able to practice and apply each technique before moving on to the next.
    The Silat and Serrada techniques were very complementary to each other, and many people remarked how easy it was to flow from one to the other. Everybody was really excited about the information that was shared, and there was a real spirit of camaraderie throughout the whole event.
    Check the Universal Martial Arts Academy website for information on future seminars and events:
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    any pixes or vid that can be shared. This is all we hope for........ to see. thank you.
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    Hey what's up largomano! I am a student of PG Bob's from San Jose. I wasn't able to make it to the seminar, but would have loved to be there! It sounds like you all had a great time learning and networking! Just out of curiosity is Joe Olivarez a student of IESA? Don't know him but it's always nice to know who is learning Serrada. It was a bad day for us here in the bay area to lose someone so dedicated to his art.

    Peace, ~John
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    Pics from Serrada/Silat Seminar in Oakland


    Sorry it took me so long to reply. There are pics from the seminar posted at and at (on the "Press" page).

    Also a review of the seminar will appear in the next issue of FMA Digest, along with pictures.
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    awwww...I'm sorry I missed this. I'll have to book mark the pages and check back regularly! :)

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