Recommend some FMA training DVDs!

Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by Makata, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Makata

    Makata New Member

    I'll start with an easy choice:

    I honestly like how SouthNarc's SHIVWORKS reverse-grip blade DVDs (vol. 1 & 2) integrates PTK-based close-range blade tactics and body mechanics, with WW2 Close Combatives-based empty-hand strikes, as well as smart defensive concepts like Geoff Thompson's "Fence" principle. Craig S'narc has a clear and articulate teaching style, and real skill. It's a well-presented and solid package IMHO, well worth checking out and having in one's library--even if one isn't a "pickle fighter" by training background and personal inclination! ;)

    Okay, your turn. What do you like, and (more importantly) why?
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I'm a book lover! I almost never watch DVDs--I won very few.
  3. lhommedieu

    lhommedieu Senior Member

    Lynn Thompson and Anthony deLongis, "Fighting with Sabre and Cutlass." Some nice lessons here about footwork, distancing, timing, etc. that would benefit any Filipino martial artist interested in Largo Mano.

    Martinez Academy of Arms, "La Scherma Italiana." See the above. Point control.

    Anthony deLongis, "Mastering the Bullwhip." Not about FMA per se but a great DVD about how to practice martial arts.

    Dog Brothers, "Die Less Often." Among other things, how to integrate close-quarter gun fighing into an FMA foundation.

    William Schettino, "Estacada: Punching." The first in a series of DVD's about the fundamentals of body mechanics.

    Madrigama (sp?) Productions, "Kali Illustrisimo." Some nice clips of Tatang Illustrisimo demonstating techniques.

    Lion Heart Productions, Leo Gaje and Nene Tortal, "Contradas." Nice clips of GT Gaje demonstrating Pekiti Tirsia Contradas.


  4. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    I'd say that according to previous posts, we're talking sparring/combat type of instruction here... In that case I'd say that you cannot go wrong with anything by Dog Brothers, nut I liked Burton Richardson's tapes done for Straightblast Gym productions as well.

    However, if we're talking specific weapons, I believe that knife-wise one should look for stuff from James Keating, Felix Valencia, Lynn Thompson, Kelly Worden, Ron Balicki...

    Stick-wise, I am fond of those couple videos of Edgar Sulite that I have, but I'd say that we're really talking different styles/schools here, so I'll just go with few names whose videos I liked - Bobby Taboada, Chris Ricketts, Tom Sipin, Bert Labaniego, Daniel Lamac...

    Anyway, I think that the late Terry Gibson deserves some special attention, as his FMA series is quite comprehensive and coveres a lot, including sticks, knives, Espada y Daga.

    If we're talking blades, i.e. machetes ans similar larger implements, Atienzas are fine, as well as Lynn Thompson again (in fact, I have yet to see anything coming from Cold Steel that I do not like.

    You know, maybe we should be talking about those really bad videos, since there are waaaaay to mano good ones to mention here.
  5. Riddick29

    Riddick29 New Member

    I would recommand all the Sayoc, FCS and FCS Greece DVD's ; they are awesome and very deep.

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