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Discussion in 'Serrada' started by geezer, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. geezer

    geezer Member

    Well, here I am dropping in on the Serrada forum to cause trouble again. I'm just peeved because there's no action in the Serrada forum except for the occasional posts by practitoners of other FMA's on threads I started--and I'm not a Serrada player either--although my style's roots do, in part, go back to GGM Cabales. I guess real Serrada players are just too busy training to waste time gabbing on forums. Come to think of it, I need to train a little ...make that a lot harder myself. So long for now--
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Can you let other Serrada players know about the site? We'd love to see more activity here! I know I've learned more about it already from reading here.
  3. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    Hey Geez - I'm lurking here too, you're not alone - I just don't have the knack for "stirring it up" like you do ;) BTW, think you can come back here or do you wanna meet in the middle sometime soon? I did a little playing last weekend that you may be interested in...
  4. geezer

    geezer Member

    Michael, you were one of the hard training souls I was thinking of when I started this thread. I've just finished up my teaching commitments for the Spring semester, so when I'm not being Mr. Mom, I hope to squeeze in some good training. I'll definately be in touch. By the way, did you post anything about the last FMA gathering you organized? It was awsome!
  5. Kailat



    What would you guys like to discuss?
  6. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    "Michael, you were one of the hard training souls I was thinking of when I started this thread. "

    Darn - I got caught, lol! I guess I should start posting more. I just don't have the elaborate writing (or talking) skill like many of the others have. I'm more of a "do it like this". Then, if you don't do it like this, I hit you!

    The gathering? Naw, I've been quiet about that first one. Sheesh, I guess I should talk about that too! BTW, got plans for the 2nd one under way. I may have the 4 instructors already lined up...wait til you hear who they are...

    Kailat: nothing specific comes to my mind. I know Geezer has an interest in Serrada due to the history behind the style he trains in but like I said before, I'm not good on the keyboard ;)
  7. Kailat


    Okay, sounds good to me. I have studied some Serrada under a few players in Northern Indiana. I'd be willing to discuss my training and anyone else's training for that matter in Serrada. My time was limited of just a couple of years.. but I learned quite abit in that time frame.
  8. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    Kailat: In my limited experience, "just a couple of years" with Serrada can be quite a bit. From the point of view that I was taught, Serrada doesn't have a huge inventory - which is probably true for much of the FMA's. I like to call it "deceptively simple". We were taught a small, core group of movements and with minor extrapolation, can use those movements to handle practically any attack - stick, blade, empty hand, kicks.
  9. Kailat


    Well, I didn't want to sound like I knew it all.. cause I wasn't for sure if I had learned alot but what i did learn in Serrada was quite sufficient...LOL..I really feel that serrada was a true inspiration to my FMA training.. It really helped me bring out something that was hidden within..

    So now that thats outta the way...

    As for Serrada the real thing that makes it stand alone is Lock n Block..

    anyone hear of AL Mckluckie, Benji Berry, Kim Satterfield, or Rob McDonald? Those are the guys I trained serrada with in Fort Wayne..
  10. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    You didn't sound like you knew it least not to worries brother.

    I know practically nobody in the FMA community. I've been way underground until just very recently. But I've heard the McKluckie name before - he trained with Cabales, I believe. Satterfield does Inayan Eskrima, yes?

    I got a very small taste of the Inayan style from Guro Jon Ward a couple months back. Interesting to see the similarities and the differences. I'd love to play with other people from the other Serrada lineages. It's been hard, at least for me, to find people who are open enough or secure enough with what they know to share <sigh>. I'm very grateful to those I have met up to this point.
  11. franko808

    franko808 New Member

    Hey Mike,

    Nice to see you on this forum....
  12. MichaelJB

    MichaelJB New Member

    Hey Franklin - good to see you here too bro.

    So, think you and da boys wanna try to get a practice session in one weekend? I aksed Mark but he didn't seem too sure we could pull it off or will it be too hard to get everyone together?
  13. jus_dann

    jus_dann New Member

    well man,
    lets see..............
    given in the company of "heavy hitters" know who i`m talkn` about
    i was really damn impressed with your skills, open mindedness, willness to learn, your "feel or energy", and general understanding of MA as a whole.
    i`ve learn a hell of alot since then (mostly FMA) and can not wait to hook up again and train some.
  14. Kailat


    Yes, Guro Satterfield does train Inayan base Serrada. Guro McKluckie I do believe did train under Cabalas. Although he now does Systema (russian martial art), I hadmore time training w/ Mr.McKluckie in the RMA rather than the FMA. However, with the other guys I had much training or a little depending on how you see it, in Serrada. I really enjoyed it. Dan, thank you for the wonderful compliments. I hope all is well w/ you. I know I didn't spend alot of time there swinging stick in florida. But again due to the company of the "heavy hitters" I was more so walking in their shadow. Hence forth since everything fell thru I was just there. LOL BESIDES what ever come of ol' boy? shoot whats his name? The dude that headed that whole deal... anyway u know who im talking about.. I have not heard from him in a few years..
  15. jus_dann

    jus_dann New Member

    PG the roasted marshmellow........RALMAO
  16. lefty eskrimador

    lefty eskrimador New Member

    Hello everyone,
    This is Kim Satterfield (Hi Cory, good to see you here!), and yep, my lineage is traced to Inayan Eskrima which is comprised of 6 Eskrima styles), but I'm primarily a Serrada player. I've been a Serrada man for 31 years, and trained with Rob McDonald (who also gave me a very healthy dose of Larga Mano), Ben Berry, Garry Bowlds, and Alan McLuckie. I was fortunate enough to have met and trained with Suro Mike Inay, and Cabales Serrada Master Jimmy Tacosa as well. I'm located in Fort Wayne, IN, and teach a small class there; if anyone is ever in my neck of the woods, drop me a line at, and we can get together. Someone mentioned Alan McLuckie training with GM Angel Cabales, and that's true, Al studied with Angel for a while, along with Jimmy Tacosa. I missed meeting Angel, but did get to know Jimmy quite well, and the man is exceptional, a true master in every sense of the word, as was Suro Mike Inay.

    P.S...any questions, please feel free to ask.


    Kim Satterfield
    Chief Instructor
    Midwest School of Eskrima
  17. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I'm down in Terre Haute but rarely get up there! I met Mr. Inay once--a weekend seminar he gave while I was living in San Jose. I liked him immediately!
  18. lefty eskrimador

    lefty eskrimador New Member

    Suro Mike Inay (RIP)

    Hi there,
    Nothing is far from anything in Indiana...we'll cross paths eventually, I like to get out and travel around meeting brothers and sisters in the arts. We could possibly hook up in Indy or thereabouts. Stay in contact, someday we may be able to make it happen.

    I also have a student and very good friend, Cory Ballinger, in Muncie, that may also be a possible meeting place for us someday. If you ever get the chance to meet and train with Cory, do so. He is very talented, very knowledgeable, and a tremendously good hearted person as well. Cory contributes regularly to these boards, contact him and check him out, you won't be disappointed.

    Suro Mike Inay was one of a kind...a true master, yet humble and personable. He was able to put the student at ease immediately, and made you feel like you were the most important person in the room. I only got to train with him 5 or 6 times, but stayed in contact with him via phone and E-mail up until his untimely passing on September 27, 2000. He was indeed a special person, and I miss him immensely. All four of my teachers were high level Guros in Inayan Eskrima under Suro, and to train with any of Suro Mike's Guros was to experience what it was like to train with the man himself. Mike was not only a highly talented martial artist, but a gifted teacher as well. The FMA community lost a true master when he passed.

  19. Kailat


    guro Kim,

    Great to hear from you to my friend, thanks for the kind words. We really need to catch up for sure. I will spill the same glory towards my dear friend and teacher Guro Kim Satterfield. If anyone evergets the opportunity to share, study, learn, or just sit down for coffee w/ Mr. Satterfield you'll find a wealth of knowledge and a genuine hard to find great martial artist. I was very fortunate to have ever ran into him when I did.

    What this man has taught me, and passed on to me not only will I never forget, I could never repay him and am forever in his debt. He is def a true master of Serrada that I've come accross.

    If anyone near would like to ever set something up in the Muncie, IN area please feel free to get in touch w/ Guro Kim or myself and we could work on it.

    KIM PRIVATE MESSAGE ME when you can. Got alot to talk about.

    In the arts
  20. lefty eskrimador

    lefty eskrimador New Member

    Hey Cory,
    I'll take a shot at the private message, but you know me, not the most computer literate person out there. It may be a day or two, have some family things happening right now. Good to hear from you though, Cory, be well, and we'll talk soon.


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