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    Dear Grandmasters, Masters, Guros, Students & Friends,

    It is my great pleasure to announce the creation of a new internet based audio format for all FMA/Silat to enjoy.

    As of this time, I invite all Heads of Family, Grandmasters, Masters & Guros to email me, if you wish to have your history, experiences & views regardless of family, system or intersystem politics recorded for posterity in a audio format.

    The interviews will be conducted by myself via interview by phone. I will promote this internationally, so regardless of location, I can make contact with you.

    The interviews will be posted on at the very least a monthly basis, depending upon interest.

    The 'talk' format will be sponsored by the WSEF/MAI & by the Malayan War College. I welcome any additional sponsors.

    My sincerest regards in the new year,

    Salamat Po

    Master Guro Mike Schwarz
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    Thats a great thought !

    Q: where do you intend to post the end result - here on the forum, or on a Malayan War College website ?

    Thanks for doing this work which we will all enjoy and please let me know if you need any help contacting people in Israel. We have here Master John Escorado of lightning scientific arnis, Guy Refaeli and Yuval Nehemkin of I.C.S which is Israeli RBMA based of filipino/Indonesian MA, and there are many others.

    Good luck with your efforts.

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