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    Dear Grandmasters, Masters, Guros, Students & Friends,

    It is my great pleasure to announce the creation of a new internet based audio format for all FMA/Silat to enjoy.

    As of this time, I invite all Heads of Family, Grandmasters, Masters & Guros to email me, if you wish to have your history, experiences & views regardless of family, system or intersystem politics recorded for posterity in a audio format.

    The interviews will be conducted by myself via interview by phone. I will promote this internationally, so regardless of location, I can make contact with you.

    The interviews will be posted on at the very least a monthly basis, depending upon interest.

    The 'talk' format will be sponsored by the WSEF/MAI & by the Malayan War College. I welcome any additional sponsors.

    My sincerest regards in the new year,

    Salamat Po

    Master Guro Mike Schwarz
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    Good luck!

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