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Discussion in 'Misc. Stick Arts' started by draven, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. draven

    draven New Member

    I've viewed some of his dvd's and i'm really enjoying them...I have all 5 vids. there's so much to reference to, but so little time.. Thanx

    PS..Lil Ray was a flip in his past life!!!!!!! More props for eating dinuguan..:)

    Cali. Crew
  2. Ern-Dog

    Ern-Dog New Member

    I totally agree Rich. All of "little" Ray's Curriculum videos are a must have for any FCS practitioner.
  3. Leo Daher

    Leo Daher New Member

    Ray Cole is a talented martial artist and a gifted teacher. I'm fortunate to be able to train with him regularly and to call him a friend.
  4. Ray_Cole

    Ray_Cole New Member

    Thanks guys!!!!!!:) I truly appreciate all your support and I'm really glad you are enjoying the curriculum videos. I worked pretty hard to get 'em out this year.

    available November @ www.fcskali.com
    Many, many more new developments available on DVD. Visit the FCS PRO SHOP page.
  5. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    Looking forward to seeing the DVD it sounds like it will be interesting
  6. Ern-Dog

    Ern-Dog New Member

    There will actually be 3 released.

    As Ray said the first is an introduction to Panantuken, also known as Pangamut, but the emphasis is on the close quarters range known as Puno Mano.

    The second DVD in the series takes these concepts a step further. Showing different options off opp.'s counters.

    The third DVD will cap the series off with some more advanced options, and it will also show how to apply everything in the previous two DVDs while entering through your punching combinations.
  7. Baddmojo

    Baddmojo New Member

    Kudos to Ray and Ernie

    Here is some major talent gentlemen! I've seen them both in action and look forward to Ernies tapes. I've known Ray(Young blood) Cole for over five years...he is both scholar and a warrior. I'm honored to call both of them my peers and friends.

    Anthony C

    PS They also dont smell!
  8. Leo Daher

    Leo Daher New Member

    Hey Ernie,

    Ray Cole and I were talking about your upcoming DVDs a couple days ago - I look forward to watching them.
  9. Ern-Dog

    Ern-Dog New Member

    You won't be disappointed, Leo.

    There is a TON of material on all three.
  10. Ray_Cole

    Ray_Cole New Member

    Panantukan vol. 2

    FCS Instructor Ernie Lake and FCS Video Productions presents Punyo Mano Panantukan volume 2 DVD. Available at the winter FCS Family Gathering (Jan. 13-15) and on www.fcskali.com thereafter.
    Lakan Guro Ray Cole presents FCS SILAT vol. 1 DVD. Available at the winter FCS Family Gathering (Jan. 13-15) and on www.fcskali.com thereafter.

    Don't miss it!
  11. RyuKyu Bushi

    RyuKyu Bushi New Member

    Where are the DVD's

    I went to the website today and the 2 new Dvd's were not yet being offered....I am ready to order....When will they be available????
  12. Palusut

    Palusut -== Banned ==-

    To which DVDs were you inquiring?


  13. RyuKyu Bushi

    RyuKyu Bushi New Member

    Punyo Mano Panantukan volume 2 and the Silat DVD
  14. Ern-Dog

    Ern-Dog New Member

    I spoke to Tuhon Ray last night.

    They should be up by the end of the week.
  15. RyuKyu Bushi

    RyuKyu Bushi New Member

    Thankyou I will definately be placing my order
  16. RyuKyu Bushi

    RyuKyu Bushi New Member

    Still Nothing on the website....are they going to be available anytime soon??
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  17. Sulsapr

    Sulsapr Junior Member

    Greetings Mr. Cole

    I heard you are coming to visit the island (Puerto Rico) with Master Kenny for the Kenpo Camp. Is that true??? Thanks
  18. Palusut

    Palusut -== Banned ==-

    I would say keep checking the website or maybe Ern-Dog can PM you.

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  19. Ern-Dog

    Ern-Dog New Member

    RyuKyu Bushi,

    Check the website. Punyo Mano Panantucken Vol. 2 has been added.

  20. RyuKyu Bushi

    RyuKyu Bushi New Member

    When will FCS SILAT vol. 1 be available?

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