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Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by Malapitan, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. MichaelJB

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    Depending on what I'm teaching, rattan sticks can be completely destroyed on their first day of use. This is why I like the Bahi sticks. They take a pretty good beating and when they start to fray they still work well when taped before it's finally time to throw away.

    However, I'd also like to find out how the Cold Steel sticks work out...

  2. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    Me too, especially since bahi is as expensive if not more so in my area as the plastic ones. If they work like they claim, which I find hard to believe, they would be a worth while investment. Although I would miss the smell of hard working rattan. The burn smell is replenishing when you work them.
  3. Bahi doesn't have to be that expensive.

    I sell them for $60 for 2 pairs (well - to FMA Talk members anyway ;)) which includes shipping. The ones I have are 450g so they're as heavy as most Kamagong sticks you tend to find.


    (And that's the "off" side of the stick :) )
  4. I own a Cold Steel Stick. I cut it down to 28" (what I normally train with). It's durable, but flexible (think of a really hard rubber). I use it on my tire dummy and I doubt I could break it.

    However, like others have said, its heavy, and sometimes feels unbalanced. Also, if you're training with a partner, then they need one too, otherwise you'll tear up their stick. I also find that I have to switch to two rattan sticks when doing double stick work as a cold steel stick and a rattan stick is too unbalanced.

    Overall, if you do a lot of bag work or looking to strengthen your wrist/forearm, its worth the investment. But, if you're training with partners and you want to use it for that, unless everyone buys one, its not worth it.
  5. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    Everything I have gotten from you has been the best quality I can hope for. I love the carabao dulo-dulos that I got and have ordered more. I can't wait to get the kamagong sticks I ordered from you. I have some bahi, but not from you, and they have splintered off. I'm not sure if they are not from the outer portion of the tree and not the inside, but I have not been impressed. I use my waxwood sticks daily and they are holding up, but I miss the smell of rattan. Do you have any good rattan sticks that don't have the gloss (varnish) and will hold up? I've been eyeing the plastic ones for practice.

    Sorry to deviate from the thread, but when you have the man with the goods you have to find out.
  6. Hi Scott,

    It's always great to hear from on of our customers and that you like the products.

    At the moment I have been suffering a shortage of rattan and have back orders of about 400 sticks :( Please let me know what size thickness you want. I do have some Labsica 7/8th of an inch in stock but am short of my 1" Tumalin at the moment.

    When I get back to Manila (I'm in Cebu at the moment on "business" - we actually went to a couple of rattan factories yesterday seeking a long term solution to our problem) I will check through the sticks I have and see if I can find you a good pair :)

    Bye for now and thanks again,

  7. sjansen

    sjansen New Member

    I prefer 7/8ths. Will labsica stick last? I hit hard and train daily with partners and on a pole. I don't want to replace them in a month. I have broken or ulcerated/frayed many rattan stick in the last 3 months (6 to be exact) and I don't want to waste my money. That's why I am looking to alternatives. Please let me know if you get or have some rattan that can take the punishment. The I&I sticks I bought are junk now. Same with the Tiger brand. I want unfinished rattan that can last.
  8. Hey Scott,

    I've just checked and can get you a pair of tumalin and and pair of Labsica to bang with.

    I'm willing to let you have all 4 sticks for just the price of shipping from the Philippines ($15) if you promise to post back in this thread how you get on with the sticks!

    I have found Labsica for it's size (it's usually thinner and lighter than Tumalin) to do a great job. The Tumalin stick is the most durable rattan I sell.

    The sticks are unvarnished.
  9. Effilcdar

    Effilcdar New Member

    I just thought I'd mention that the Cold steel sticks are cheaper on ebay then their site. I personally would prefer to have the Bahi sticks shown below then the plastic for the same reason I prefer fine wood furniture to plastic lawn furniture. They may last longer but I'd rather have a little less plastic in my life. Enough things are synthetic as it is.

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