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    We are currently looking for Representatives in the U.S. , Europe, and Asia. Become an Rapido Realismo Kali representative by starting an RRK training group in your Area.

    Starting an Rapido Realismo Kali Training Group

    So you want to start training in Rapido Realismo Kali Group but don't know how to get started and you are too far away.

    Rapido Realismo Kali Guro’s has a solution for those of you who want to train but are not close enough to public class or certified instructor or in a another country.

    Start an official ( Rapido Realismo Training Group) and have the instructors come to you or you come here to train privately either you or your group.

    Get a group of your training partners together and start a certified Rapido Realismo Kali training group.

    This could be your hard core group that you regularly train with in the martial arts, your black belt club in your school or any group that has a common interest in kali blade and Impact work.

    All you have to do is fly Punogn Guro Henry Espera or a certified Rapido Realismo Kali instructors to your training location to start your group training in Rapido Realismo Kali or a group leader (at least two) fly here in the Philippines to train privately with PG Espera for intensive one on one Training.

    The Rapido Realismo Kali blade and impact weapon curriculum; covered in these training groups are the same material covered in the public classes.

    how to start a training group:

    Rapido Realismo Instructor comes to your location in intervals during the year (once a month, once every two months etc) to teach the Rapido Realismo Kali curriculum, creating an intensive public class.


    - Training group is responsible for paying for air fare and hotel accommodations for Instructors.
    - Training group must provide training location.
    - Number of training group members must be discussed with instructor.
    - Training groups must do a minimum of 4 hrs of training per visit.
    - All students must become a member of the Rapido Realismo International
    - All students must use official Rapido Realismo Uniform and training Weapons

    Cost for training:

    - For 6 students, 8hrs of training the cost will be $100 per student.

    Price will increase if there are less than 6 students and decrease if there are more.

    ** Note (Groups can be started with less than 6 students).

    - Annual membership fee: $75 (comes with FREE RR shirt upon initial Membership).
    - Rapido Realismo standard training stick/sword:
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