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    MANILA, Philippines – Rapid Journal has announced the release of its 52nd and final issue. The longest-running and arguably the most successful martial arts magazine published in the Philippines, birthplace of the FMA, Rapid served as the beacon highlighting the works of top native-born writers. Ned Nepangue, Celestino Macachor, Felipe Jocano Jr., Jose G. Paman, Alexander L. Co, Rene Navarro and Jopet Laraya, among many others, have submitted works to the quarterly.

    Publisher Daniel Go stated that a number of back issues would be available while supplies last. Contact Mr. Go directly at: danielgo1261@yahoo.com.

    The Rapid Journal website can be found here:


    In the U.S., Kombatan GM Mike Bowers based out of Oregon is the Rapid Journal distributor. You can visit GM Bowers’ Berdugo Martial Arts Academy website for full details. GM Bowers can also be reached by telephone at (503) 657-3408. Here is his website, which lists all available Rapid issues:


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    What a shame!
  3. sjansen

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    It was great while it lasted.
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    Sayang talaga!

    I just got my copy of the last issue from my cousin in Quezon City. Check this out: it’s got articles by Felipe P. Jocano, Jose G. Paman, Rene Navarro, Narciso Alojado, James U. Sy Jr. and Ed Ramirez, all great Pinoy writers. The issue includes pieces on Oido de Caburata, Ngo Cho kung-fu, internal iron palm, JKD and pencak silat, as well as a revealing profile on Filipino pioneer author and publisher Alex Co. The issue also has a great piece on Negrosanon martial arts (for those not familiar with the term, Negrosanon means natives of the Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental Islands in the Visayas, from where many, many outstanding FMA experts, masters and grandmasters originated).

    I guess as long as there are back issues available, we’ll always have Rapid Journal around as a vital historical and technical resource of martial arts in the Philippines.
  5. timagua

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    I thought it especially fitting that a tribute to Alex Co was included in this last issue. Mr. Co was THE pioneer of FMA writing back home in Manila at a time when, I believe, only Black Belt magazine was around. Other mags would follow later, with the coming of the Bruce Lee Boom.

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