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Discussion in 'General' started by timagua, Aug 1, 2009.

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    MANILA, Philippines – In an unexpected development, it was announced that the quarterly magazine RAPID Journal plans to cease production next year. For many years the primary martial arts publication based out of Manila, RAPID has featured articles on top experts of various systems practiced in the Philippines. Disciplines featured include Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Korean systems in addition to the native Filipino combat arts. Many major Filipino writers such as Ned Nepangue, Felipe P. Jocano Jr., Celestino Macachor, Jose G. Paman, Rene Navarro, Alexander Lim Co and Jopet Laraya have submitted works to the quarterly.

    Publisher Daniel Go stated that a number of back issues would be available while supplies last. Contact Mr. Go directly at danielgo1261@yahoo.com or via his cell phone number of 09164258340. Below, for those interested, is the RAPID Journal website. The cover and table of contents to every issue may be viewed at the site

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    I'm sorry to hear this news!
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    This is really unfortunate news. I have followed Rapid Journal for many years and gotten a lot of information on styles and masters I never even heard of back home. I wish Daniel Go the best of luck – he ably took over Alex Co’s role as the premier martial arts publisher in Manila.
  4. It might not be the end...

    There were talks afoot to keep the journal afloat and make it primarily FMA orientated. I hope these come to fruition...
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    That would be ideal. Rapid Journal is such a vital resource, coming straight from the birthplace of the Filipino martial arts, that it would be a waste to see it go.

    We can only hope that it stays with us.

    Pagsikapin nating mapanatili ang sariling atin!
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    the price of knowledge

    One thing that came up was the cost of ordering the Journal from stateside. While the magazine is relatively inexpensive, a lot of the ordering price from the U.S. and elsewhere has to do with shipping charges. The best way to obtain the Journal is to have somebody buy it there, like someone local or a visiting Balikbayan friend or relative, then have them bring it back home.

    Then again, what is the price of valuable information, be it on the FMA or other style? Folks routinely pay $100 for an hour of BJJ instruction, $200 or greater for a weekend seminar by a visiting master, or hundreds of dollars for training equipment. I think RAPID Journal is an excellent source of technical and historical knowledge for anyone into the Filipino martial arts.
  7. I'll have to have a chat with the people in the know but that situation can be got around with a distributor in the US (and I think a few would be interested). I also contacted a UK magazine distributor before but they expressed concerns over the "Quarterly" nature of the publication.

    It is a gem and it will be said if it is to end.
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    RAPID news

    Exciting news has surfaced on the availability of RAPID Journal in the U.S. - Kombatan GM Mike Bowers, based out of Oregon, is now a distributor for the only publication coming from the birthplace of the FMA. RAPID Journal features profiles, interviews, how-to articles, forms instruction, historical pieces, editorials, and much more. The magazine highlights all martial arts in the Philippines (yes, many arts besides arnis and eskrima are practiced there!) including Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Korean disciplines. Of course, there is a wealth of information on your favorite Filipino fighting system as well, be it Balintawak, Doce Pares, Kombatan, or the other, more obscure methods.

    You can visit GM Bowers’ Berdugo Martial Arts Academy website for full details. This is a great opportunity to see how the arts, personalities and teachers are regarded from the “islands” side of the world. The website is:


    Not sure which issue to order? Here is the RAPID Journal web page showing past issues. You can click on the “Contents” heading to view the table of contents for each issue (listed are Volumes 1-5, 6-10 and 11-13 in three pages). Above all, remember it’s cheaper to get them from GM Bowers.


    Help us support our own and keep RAPID Journal circulating!
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    Excellent! [​IMG]
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    Maraming salamat, Julia! I picked up several issues of Rapid at Makati last year and could not put them down. And the way GM Bowers has it set up, the Rapid mags ordered from stateside don't cost any more than the import martial arts magazines from Britain, Australia or Brazil...

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