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Discussion in 'Doce Pares' started by menriquez, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. menriquez

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    Good afternoon,

    I hope you all are well.

    I was wondering how the ranking systems and instructor certification process works in GM Diony's Doce Pares Multi-Style as well as GM Cacoy's Doce Pares Federation.

    What are the awarded ranks, the minimum time to achieve each rank, and what must be demonstrated for them?

    I've searched around for such rank requirements and haven't been able to find much.

    Similarly, what must an instructor candidate do to demonstrate teaching ability and obtain certification?
  2. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Brit with a stick

    Well I cant speak for the Cacoy Doce Pares System as I am not too well versed on this system, but the Doce Pares Original Multi Style System of GM Dionisio Canete is a 5 year training program, from beginer to 1 grade black belt.

    The Original Multi Style Curriculum covers aspects of the 12 original styles that made up the original Doce Pares Club, hence the name Original Multi Style System.

    There are 10 phases to the curriculum each addition adding new material that needs to be learned, also each section there is historical material that also needs to be learned as you are tested on this in each phase.

    So to get to 1st Grade Black in GM Dionisio's Original Multi Style System takes a minimum of 5 years if you pass each phase first time.

    Hope that helps in part anyway. I am sure one of GM Cacoy's guys will come along soon and explain how they do it.

    Best regards

  3. menriquez

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    Hey Pat,

    Thanks so much for the info! I got a similar reply from Guro McKenzie, and I thank him for that as well!

  4. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Brit with a stick

    No problem Bro, anything to help.

    Best regards

  5. el maldito de cebu

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    to give an input to my great GMCacoy Canete. time is not based in our sysytem skills is evaluated if you are rightful to be promoted if you do not acquire the appropriate skills for the appropriate belt then you will not be promoted until such time you develop your skills. In cacoy doce pares skills is essential to make you battle effecient at all to time we are not particular with the belting system but our battle ready orientation it is vital to have the appropriate skills to deffend your self at all cost than having a rank certificate that cannot worn out your oponent.

    the belting system is
    Green 1st degree
    2nd degree
    3rd degree
    Brown 1st degree
    2nd degree
    3rd degree
    Black belt 1st-12thDegree
    Master blackbelt 5th-12degree
    Junior blackbelt 1st-4th degree

    Just adding up some info bro.

    El Maldito de cebu
    Always Battle Ready
    We Strike!!
  6. ariscanete

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    El Maldito...thanks for the info... I wonder if what rank will I be. Just ask my Lolo Cacoy, my Uncle Diony or my Dad Amor... I am not so aware about the ranking when I started...

    Last time when I practice Eskrima way back 1975, Lola Herminia (wife of Lolo Cacoy) gave me a Green belt but during out of the province exhibitions. we just wear T-shirt, jogging pants and rubber shoes only.
  7. arnisador

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    How many 12th degree black belts are there in the system?
  8. salurian

    salurian New Member

    Just SGM Cacoy himself.

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