R.I.P. Johnny Chiuten

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    This is a little late, but just heard that GM Johnny Chiuten passed away on Sept. 13 of this year. GM Johnny, whose name may or may not be familiar with folks on this forum, was a living legend in martial arts in the Philippines. He was an inheritor of Lao Kim’s dragon-tiger style of Hong Cha kung-fu. He was also a follower of Anciong Bacon in Balintawak, as well an influential force behind Lapunti arnis de abanico during the early days of that system’s formation.

    Not just a martial theorist, GM Johnny was a renowned fighter during the days of the bloody frat wars in Manila in the 1960s and 1970s. He was a top leader of the Beta Sigma fraternity at the UP (University of the Philippines) whose combat exploits are talked about with awe to this day. He was, at one time, an instructor for the NBI (Philippine FBI) and also an official of the Karate Federation of the Philippines.

    I saw GM Johnny perform demonstrations in the 1970s together with his frat brothers including Noli Nolasco and Manny Goyena. Curiously, GM Johnny never capitalized on the commercial success of the martial arts. Two of his well-known followers are Jopet Laraya and Rene Navarro, both authors and teachers who immigrated to the West. I heard that he came to Southern California in 2008 and now regret not having caught up with him then. R.I.P. GM Johnny!
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    We are losing way too many of the greats lately. Rest in Peace and God Bless...
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    great instructor

    rest in peace my friend,
    thank you for training with us kung fu way back 1970's, we will missed you my friend.

    gm bobby taboada
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    I recently just heard about Grandmaster Johnny Chiuten’s death also. He was an incredible teacher and fighter, and unfortunately did not achieve more widespread fame for his accomplishments while alive. For those interested, here are some references on his career.

    The first is an online special issue of Filipino Martial Arts Digest entitled Cebuano Martial Arts. You’ll probably find some familiar faces in the issue as it is comprehensive. GM Chiuten appears on page 15…

    http://www.usadojo.com/pdf-files/FMA Digests/fma-special-issue-cebuano-ma.pdf

    Also, here is a presentation by the U.P. Beta Sigma on GM Chiuten. It takes a little getting used to in order to maneuver through the piece, but it has a lot of archival material, photos, articles and video…


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    Maraming salamat, Julia, I had no idea the FMAD Cebuano Martial Arts special issue existed! The contents are worth the price of a book…the “Dispersal of Cebuano Eskrima” section screams of the systems not known or represented worldwide. The list and bios of masters including Anciong Bacon, Jose Caballero, Filemon Caburnay, Cacoy and Diony Canete, Tony Diego, Drigo Maranga, Jose Milan, Gregorio Ceniza, Bobby Taboada and Sonny Umpad and many others, not to mention Johnny Chiuten, is an unbelievable compilation of luminaries from Cebu. The sad truth is, we are losing a few more of them each year. All the more reason to seek their knowledge while they’re still around.

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