R.I.P. Jim Kelly

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    Martial arts action star Jim Kelly reportedly succumbed to cancer at age 67 on June 29[SUP]th[/SUP] 2013. Sporting his signature hairstyle representative of the 1970s, Mr. Kelly appeared alongside the legendary Bruce Lee in the landmark film Enter the Dragon. He starred in subsequent action hits including Black Belt Jones (where he executed double-stick techniques in the climactic, car wash fight scene) and Three the Hard Way.

    A skilled martial artist and competitor, Jim Kelly captured the middleweight championship title in Ed Parker’s prestigious Long Beach International Karate Championships in 1971, at a time when hard contact was rampant and protective equipment virtually nonexistent. Not limited to the martial arts, he also played basketball, football and track and field early on, and played tennis professionally on the USTA Senior Men’s Circuit after his movie career had slowed.

    Mr. Kelly became a regular feature personality in comic book conventions in recent years, appearing in events such as the WonderCon in California’s Bay Area. May he rest in eternal peace.
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