R.I.P. C-Desert Dog

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    A Sad Howl:

    I just received a tragic phone call from Lonely Dog.

    C-Desert Dog is dead, at 40-something years old. He leaves a wife and 3 (?) children.

    Information is sparse at this time. What Lonely told me is that at a light sparring day C-Desert Dog, who always came fit and ready (his stick skill impressed me at the August '10 Gathering) sparred a few matches and, saying he wasn't feeling well, sat down. I am told that a) it was truly a light sparring day and b) he did not receive any head shots.

    Regardless, shortly thereafter he began to have an elevated pulse and rapid, shallow breathing. His eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out. Immediate resuscitation measures were applied. EMTs were there in 5 minutes and tried reviviing him for two hours, to no avail. This is all the info we have at present. Best guess at present is an aneurism or a stroke.

    C-Desert was a member of Cro Dog's Munich clan in Germany. I have emailed Cro Dog for additional information. Lonely and I will be soliciting donations on behalf of the family.

    The Adventure continues,
    Crafty Dog
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    So sad! My thoughts and prayers go out for him and his family!
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    Prayers and wishes to his family and community
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    I'm sorry to hear this.
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    Hate to hear that. Definitely prayers for the repose of his soul and the comfort of his family and friends coming that way.
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    sad wuff,

    Abu "C- Desert Dog" Vanda passed away last Saturday 19. February.

    Abu participated last weekend at the Sparring Meeting that is monthly
    hosted by Torben “c- Old Dog”. A very nice event to which many fighters
    from all over Germany participate. This S-Day was even a special one as
    it was the 50th Sparring Meeting of the Wolfpack.

    The S-Day commenced very well, the participant were in good mood and the
    vibes were relaxed and happy.
    Abu was warming up with double stick, and hearing music through
    headsets. He was as always very motivated and elated to do as many
    fights as possible.

    As usual the day started with Knife fights as warm up, Abu did the last
    Knife fight before switching over to stick fights.
    He did three single stick fights, his fights where very technical and
    with no hard contact, easy sparring just.

    His last two fights where in a row, and his last fight ended up in
    clinch and ground. There was no hit to the head, no hard takedown, no
    hard impact at all. He got up and seemed fine, just a bit winded maybe.
    He went from the fighting area and sat down on the stairs, talking to
    his last sparring partner in a friendly manner, whilst the next fight
    continued. He comment that he feels a bit short-winded, and that two
    fights in a row might have been a little to much.

    After that he was starting to hyperventilate. Torben talked to him and
    encourage him to breath calmly. View seconds later, his eyes rolled back
    - no pulse, no breath. One of the fighter that stood near by started
    immediately with the revival, he indeed acted very professional.

    The emergency ambulance was instantly called, and they arrived just a
    view minutes later. The also started immediately with their revival.
    They did their work for almost 120 minutes before they declared him dead
    – It seems that he was dead just when his eyes rolled back.

    Abu was part of the munich clan and so I met him the first time. That
    must be 4 or 5 years ago. Since then I saw him on different seminars I
    gave in Germany and Switzerland. He also fought regularly at our
    “Gathering of the Pack” in Switzerland.

    I know that Dog Brothers meant all the world for him. He was always
    enthusiastic when I saw him at seminars and gatherings. He truly loved
    stickfighting. I know that he was very happy when he got his Candidate
    DB name.

    He died doing what he love the most. He walked as a Warrior for all his
    days and died as a Stickfighter.

    My thoughts are with his family and all the friends he knew.

    I talked with Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” and GL Stefan “Cro Dog”, we agreed
    that we want to do something to help his family monetary. He left behind
    a wife and 3 kids.

    One of the idea is that the Group Leaders who want to help, organize a
    seminar at their hometown and will donate the proceeds.
    If you have interest to do such please get in contact with me.

    Please forward this e-mail to all those who knew Abu. Thanks.

    Abu "C- Desert Dog" Vanda I will truly miss your breeziness…

    Guro Benjamin “Lonely Dog” Rittiner
    As soon as we have contact info for his family, we will make known how to make donations to them.
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    I`m very sad to hear about this. I met Abu 3-4 times and sparred with him once. He was a great guy to be around.
    My thoughts and prayers go to his family
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    From Candidate Old Dog (of Germany i.e. non-native English)
    Fighters and friends,

    Got a call from the criminal police this morning. All investigation had been had been stopped, after the autopsy had been done and the fighting videos where reviewed from the authorities. Abu died after a cardiac arrest caused by a congenital heart defect in conjunction with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and a premeditate flu.

    Given above indication, nothing on earth could have rescued him or could have provided any chance to survive.

    Saying that, I encourage each of you to undertake end to end health check on a bi yearly base to make sure, that your health is in conjunction with full contact weapon fighting. , , , We're in contact with his widow and asking the Tribe for donations to decrease at least the financial pressure to the family. Abus will be transfered to Jordan, to undertake his body in homeland.

    We're going to continue, fresh focused, in deep respect of the small grade between life and dead. After the Wolfpacks 50th Sparring Meeting we will restart with the 1st Abu Dayyeh Memorial Sparring Day in April.

    Brothers, this is nothing, I want to experience a second time - bud the Tribe give me strength to continue.


    How sad a fate!

    C. Old Dog


    From Crafty Dog:

    We have had a hard time getting in touch with Abu's widow, but now we are in touch with her. In the next few days we will be organizing donations for her and children.
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    Sad occurrence indeed, but hopefully one that will make the bond among his brethren in FMA even tighter.

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