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Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by otec, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. otec

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    just curios on the alibata/baybayin on the LESKAS and Academia LSAI logo.. what does it mean.. if my alibata/baybayin is correct it meant "L. ya U I" or if read, "Lya ui" ..as i know it baybayin should be spelled as it sounds...i don't get it.. please correct my ignorance many thanks and more power
  2. chamber

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    don't forget the + and the - in alibata delete or add vowels....
  3. Supremo

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    I think it was suppose to spell L S A I in Alibata form. I hope some of the seniors can also add their knowledge into this one. Thanks for bringing this into our attention :)
  4. otec

    otec New Member

    can any body with authority give light to this??what were these alibata/baybayin scripts meant to say... if the elders wrote the wrong script its i guess ok.. most of the goverment and other prestigiuos establishments have writen the wrong alibata script one way or the other anyways...:)..engilsh spelling nga nag kakamali... alibata pa...:lookaroun
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    Yes, if I remember it right, it's supposed to spell LSAI. Unfortunetely, I can't retrace which alibata/baybayin script was used or what the source was for the letters. The logo was conceptualized before the wide use of the internet here in the PI, so there were few references which were available regarding alibata. I've been trying to trace which alibata they used (tagalog, visayan, etc.) but they don't seem to correspond to references I have so that it spells LSAI. I think either the alibata reference was flawed or the logo designers/conceptualizers made a mistake.
  6. otec

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    check out these add.. its about alibata..its high time that we filipinos get to learn this art again

    this site was done by a canadian pero pinoy ang puso very informative, plus with downloadable font..very cool

    this one with translator.. nice info din

    this one with tranlator and font also,

    of the three i like the first one better.. (although writen by a foreigner) i like the site very pinoy..for me this guy is more pinoy than some filipinos that i know.. enjoy!!
  7. otec

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  8. Supremo

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    yes i agree, in fact when your brought up the question about the LSAI Alibata, I immediately printed the Alibata from the net, very interesting.

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