Queen City Laban Laro Tournament March 18th, Buffalo, NY

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by James Miller, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. James Miller

    James Miller Member Supporting Member

    March 18th, Buffalo, NY
    Datu Hartman
    will be hosting the Queen City Laban Laro Tournament and NAFMA NY State Championships.
    Events will include:
    • Anyos (Forms)
    • Weapon Anyos (Weapon Forms)
    • Sparring
    • Stick Sparring
    For more information contact Datu Tim Hartman at 716-675-0899 or admin@wmarnis.com
  2. WT_ATL

    WT_ATL Member Supporting Member

    For those of you participating in the stick sparring tournament, SMAK-Stiks will be the official tournament equipment used.

    Additionally our products will be available for sale at Sponsored Event discounts!

    Looking forward to meeting a lot of you guys in person.

  3. JohnJ

    JohnJ Senior Member

    Can you post the general conditions of the stickfighting events? i.e. WEKAF, Unarmored, Padded or Live Stick

    -Legal Targets?
    -How many rounds?
    -Empty-Hand allowed?

    John J
  4. James Miller

    James Miller Member Supporting Member

    This event will run much like Master Galang's tournament.

    Rules for Stick Sparring
    • This will be a point fight contest.
    • First player to earn 5 points or the most points in two minutes, which ever comes first, wins.
    • Can only strike with padded area of safety weapon.
    • No punching, kicking, or grappling of any kind allowed.
    • No strikes allowed to Groin, Throat, or Back; all other areas are worth 1 point.
    • Weapons may be parried but not blocked by hand or arms; no grabbing allowed.
    • All soft weapons and helmets will be provided by promoter.
    • Helmet, Gloves, Mouth Piece, Cup are mandatory!
  5. JohnJ

    JohnJ Senior Member

    Thanks James. Any considerations for continuous fighting or live stick divisions?

  6. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member


    We are looking into adding continous division for our fall tournament. Do you have the date for Master Galang's spring event?
  7. JohnJ

    JohnJ Senior Member

    Thanks Tim. Master Galangs upcoming tournament is scheduled for March 11th in Lodi, NJ.

    John J
  8. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    Looking forward to this event. I probably won't be able to compete this time around but I'm definately looking forward to seeing the competition.
  9. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

  10. WT_ATL

    WT_ATL Member Supporting Member

    Just a Reminder that SMAK-Stiks will be offering products at Tournament Discount Rates at this event.

    Plus NO Shipping and Handling Fees!

    Be sure to stop by early as we will have limited quantities on hand. Looking forward to a good tournament and meeting many of you in person.


  11. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    With 6 days to go we are up to 60 competitors and more are on the way!
  12. Black Grass

    Black Grass Junior Member


    What is the running time of the tournament? I would like to compete but have to be back in Toronto by around 6 pm that day.

    Also is there a fax number i can fax my registation to.

    aka Black Grass
  13. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    We should be done by 3pm. It starts at 10:30am. We will take care of you at the door.
  14. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    The event was a blast, though it ran a little longer than planned. Some great competitors and good competitions. I've got 140 pics and 28 video clips to process, but I'll have them up soon. :)

    It was great seeing old friends again and meeting new ones. :)
  15. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Please, more details!
  16. WT_ATL

    WT_ATL Member Supporting Member

    Awesome Event!

    This weekends Queen City Laban Laro Tournament was a great success! There was just under 100 participants and representation from 8 different martial arts schools from New York and New Jersey.

    More importantly, this was a great venue for Filipino Martial Arts as a whole.

    The Queen City Laban Laro, was actually one of several regional qualifiers leading up to a National Tournament hosted by the NAFMA-North American Federation of Martial Arts. Consequently, the event was structured as an Open Martial arts tournament. For the majority of the participants and spectators, it would be their first introduction to Filipino Martial Arts. It was amazing to see how well the participants and spectators adopted the new art.

    It was especially entertaining to see the 5-6 year olds compete. Although many of these kids had never stick sparred before they seemed to have a natural affinity for it. Many parents who visited the SMAK-Stiks booth were looking for more information how they could get their kids started in FMA.

    On a side note, Rex and I would like to thank Datu Hartman and Janice for opening up their home to us and their hospitality, but more importantly, for organizing and running an awesome tournament.

    Additionally, I’d like to thank Master Jose Torres, the Executive Director of NAFMA, and his organization, for their support and involvement. Based on the turn out of the Queen City Laban Laro, the Nationals in May should be a great event.

    For more information regarding the Nationals, go to: http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=nafma


  17. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Thanks for this review!

    So, how did you get along with Thor and Loki? :D
  18. WT_ATL

    WT_ATL Member Supporting Member

    Before I answer this, let me put things into context. Thor and Loki are Tim's Rottweilers. Thor being about 150 lbs and Loki at around 100 lbs.

    Being a big dog lover my self, having two of my own, Thor and Loki were awesome. They looked like a couple of black bears. I'm actually trying to convince my wife if we could get a 3rd dog, something on the Large size :)
  19. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    Unfortunately, a lot of the pics didn't turn out, so I'm processing them alot more than I'd planned. The simple reason is that I had turned off the flash so as to not distract the competitors, and ended up with dark photos that are also somewhat out of focus. I have managed to scrub 4 so far to give you an idea what things looked like. I'm waiting on some more info on who the competitors were before releasing the video clips (which did turn out ok)

    I'll be placing all usable pics in a photo gallery shortly.

    Attached Files:

  20. WT_ATL

    WT_ATL Member Supporting Member

    We're finally starting to push up some of the videos we took over the past year. This first video shows a couple of 5 year olds from the tournament.


    Kids are Awesome!


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