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    I've been practicing PTI for about a year in Turku Finland under Kai Westersund. I am now moving away from Turku and would like to continue my studies in the system, and perhaps begin to study the system as a whole (by applying for membership in PTI). What I have been wondering about is, what other certified PTI-instructors in Finland or Europe are there besides Kai? I know of two in Germany, but that's about it. I love the system as it has lots to offer in defence against knives etc. (A friend of mine, who is a police officer, tells me that the most common weapon you encounter in Finland are blades of different kinds).

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    EU instructors

    Hi Alex,

    Where in Europe are you moving to?

    I will be teaching a seminar in Turku at Kaj's school next weekend. Are you moving before that?

    Tuhon Bill McGrath
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    Hi Bill!

    I am moving inside of Finland, so Kaj will still be my main instructor. I'm very sorry I couldn't attend the seminar in Turku. I came home from a business trip on friday evening, and during the weekend we emptied our appartment. On the bright side though, I got to practice some footwork :) I hope you had a good time teaching double knife and Espada y daga level 2 here in Finland. We've been doing espada y daga lvl 1 since last fall, and it really is an interesting aspect of Pekiti. Now I need to practice the series of attacks from the left hand side also. So, in what other european countries do you have certified instructors?
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    rocky mountains

    you could always come train in colorado...
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    Sry about the late answer puntadas... I'd be happy to come to colorado as soon as I get my finances in order :) Well, anyway, I am thinking of saving up enough money to join the PTI summer camp in 2010. OR just come over to the states and train with someone who is willing to teach some particular technique (or set).

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