Q&A: How can I get more people through my door?

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    Q&A: How can I get more people through my door?

    How can I get more people through my door?

    There are alot of things you can do. Here are 3 simple things to start with.

    1- Drive by your location and take off the "Owner Glasses" and see it as a prospect would. Is the outside clean, or are there garbage, leaves, or other debris giving it a run-down look? Is your lot clean? At night, is the parking area well lit, or dark? Does your sign look fresh or has it weathered poorly and in dire need of refreshing?

    2- Look at your sign. Is it wordy or does it use terms that the average person wouldn't know? Arnis, Kendo or Muay Thai might be whatyou teach, but do average people know what those are? Try a more generic term like "Martial Arts", "Karate" or "Self Defense". Everyone knows what those mean and it might get someone in to talk to you. Once they walk in you have a chance to sell your programs, but not if the don't come in.

    3- Clean those windows -daily-!. Take a page out of McDonalds book, and clean your windows daily. Yes, even in the winter. While you are at it, be sure to remove old flyrs, ads, stickers, etc. Keep your windows uncluttered and unconfusing. Make sure to have your name, a phone number and your web site listed prominently and clearly. Skip the"fancy" fonts here. By keeping your windows clear and uncrowded, people can look into our school and maybe see something that interests them. They might call you later or even stop in and ask.

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