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Discussion in 'General' started by kuntawguro, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. kuntawguro

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    [​IMG]Bobbe Edmonds, one of our members , has been admitted into the hospital for back surgery. He has been in some immense pain for the past month or so and it has gotten to the point that he needs surgery. Any back surgery is dangerous. I am hoping and praying that he comes thru this like a trouper. He has been a good friend and confidant.

    He has a following in Seattle and here in Michigan. I know many of you have followed his posts in here and it would be a great lossshould things go wrong. Join with me and wish him well.

    Guro Buzz Smith
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  2. Carol

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    Holy cow I didn't know that.

    Thanks so much for letting us know Buzz.

    Lots of good thoughts and prayers going out to Bobbe, wish him a speedy recovery.
  3. arnisador

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    Best wishes to him.
  4. medic

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    We will keep him in our prayers.Thanks for the info Buzz.
  5. Brian R. VanCise

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    We will definitely keep Bobbe in our prayers!
  6. guillermo taboada

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    speed recovery

    My friend, our prayers for your speed recovery

    gm bobby taboada
  7. pesilat

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    Oof. That explains why he didn't answer my e-mails about my visit to the Seattle area. I thought maybe he'd heard about my stinky feet or something.

    Hope everything goes well for him. I've not met him in person yet but I have enjoyed reading his posts in various forums over the years.

  8. greg808

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  9. Phil Mar Nadela

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    I wish him well and his Family.
  10. KaliGman

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    Speedy Recovery

    Good luck Bobbe.

  11. R. Mike Snow

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    My prayers are with Bobbe as well. I know everyone in my group really likes Bobbe and wants to host him. I have not had the pleasure of meeting him yet, but everyone I speak to holds Boobe in the highest regard both as a person and instructor.

    God Bless...........
  12. kuntawguro

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    He is a bit unorthadox but he definitely gets his point across while you are splitting your sides laughing. He has been an inspiration and a pretty good friend. Unless you have been on the other side of a TV remote from him. He is very threatening with a TV remote............ Or if you try and take his chimmay.
  13. tellner

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    I just talked to Bobbe

    He really appreciates your concern and apologizes for not getting back to folks. Right now he's hanging on with powerful prescription drugs and can't really walk or sit. He's finally had his MRI and will be getting surgery one way or the other in the next few weeks. He should be back on his feet soon afterwards.

    Again, Bobbe really regrets not being able to return calls or email. He just isn't physically capable of it right now. But he wants you to know how much your support means to him.
  14. arnisador

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    Thanks for the update. Continued good wishes to him. Waiting can be very difficult at times like these.
  15. Muad Dib

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    I know that this is an OLD thread, but Guru Bobbe is one of my YouTube heros and I was wondering about his health. Has he healed well? Hasn't needed further surgeries has he??
  16. silat1

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    I talked to Bobbe this morning (4 Jun 10) and he had just returned from the Gathering of the Tribes held at Grand Rapids Michigan.. He is doing as well as expected due to his medical limitations.. We talked for a bout an hour on line and was in good spirits, gave me a full run down on the gathering where he said everyone had a jolly good time..

    Just a reminder about his silat dvd set that I advertised for a good cause a couple of months back and get some silat training straight from the source which is Bambang Suwanda (Younger brother of Pak Herman)..
  17. Muad Dib

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    I'm really glad to hear that he's healed up some.

    Could you give us a link to those DVD's? thanks
  18. silat1

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