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  1. jezah81

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    Hey guys,

    What styles of Arnis is there that don't hold the stick with a punyo protruding? In JKD/Kali and doce pares we are taught to hold the stick with a fist length punyo extending out of the stick holding hand, but what are some styles that don't hold the stick with a punyo sticking out? And what are other styles that use punyo? What are pros and cons of holding the stick in both ways? Look forward to hearing some thoughts ....[​IMG]
  2. groupedmethod

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    I wouldn't know about styles that don't use a punyo, but using it is a lot better because it provides leverage, as well as more force

    Talk to people who practice kendo, they'll tell you the same thing.
  3. blindside

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    When I studied Cabalas Serrada we didn't use a punyo. I didn't study it very long, but I am assuming the main reason was that since you are using such a short stick (18-24 inches) you want to maximize the force and range of the weapon.
  4. blindside

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    Maybe I don't understand, how does a length of punyo provide more force?
  5. groupedmethod

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    better balance, it's much easier to return to guard following a strike
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    Here's a video of myself explaining different ways to grip a Stick. It's always important to train with a stick in various grips and positions to truly gain an understanding of it's versatility as a striking, grappling, and shielding tool. Depending on what you are doing, the punyo can be used in a variety of ways.


    Hope that helps.

    Guro Mike Pana
    Chief Instructor
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    Thanks for the replies.
  8. jspeedy

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    Not sure about all Serrada but the groups I've seen don't use a punyo. The explanations for this I've heard are the the punyo can be used against you by making it easier for the opponent to disarm. In addition the shorter weapon of Serrada gets even shorter with a punyo. In Balintawak we use a pretty minimal punyo for similar reasons, there's just enough to attack with and hook and manipulate the enemy. Longer range systems I've seen use a bigger punyo but they t tend to use a longer weapon and disarms where the opponent may use your punyo to take your weapon are less likely at longer ranges. Then of course there's the topic of disarms in general which has come up lately in a few fma pages. I agree with bayani warrior, try out all grips, most styles trend to favor one method but that doesn't mean you can't experiment.

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