Punite FMA Seminar in Calgary, AB

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    Event Information: http://www.facebook.com/events/726650104086937/

    Flow Martial Arts Academy is proud to host Maestre Oliver Garduce, founder of the Punite style of FMA (aka Arnis Kali Eskrima) and Head Instructor at the International FMA Academy in Toronto, ON. His seminar in Calgary will cover the fundamentals and tactical applications of single stick, double stick, bladed concepts and various hand-to-hand applications.

    First time in Western Canada, Maestre Oliver Garduce is a Senior Kombatan Master under the late Great Grand Master Ernesto Presas (brother of Modern Arnis Professor Remy Presas). A native of Samar province in the Philippines, Maestre Oliver Garduce has also had the privilege of training under other notable instructors over the years, including his own father.

    As a former Police Officer in Manila, Maestro Oliver Garduce also served as a tactical instructor for the Philippine National Police SWAT and SCOUT training programs.


    Members $45
    Non-Members $65

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