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Discussion in 'Pekiti-Tirsia Kali' started by michigankalisilat, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. michigankalisilat

    michigankalisilat New Member

    Has anyone had experience ordering DVDS from the PTKGO online store? I placed an order for a dvd over a month ago. Got a response saying they received my payment but I still have not received the DVD. Attempted to contact them multiple times with no response.

    Hopefully this is just a technical error but I would use caution before placing an order in the future.

  2. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Thanks for the information and I hope they clear up your order!
  3. bgood

    bgood New Member

    I ordered 6 minths ago and worked perfectly.

    And I am in it's easier to lost the goods.
  4. michigankalisilat

    michigankalisilat New Member

    The situation has been resolved. The seller was actually in the Philippines training and unable to process the order. I have confidence in his services and can now fully recommend it to everyone on here.
  5. KelticZen

    KelticZen New Member

    I ordered over 6 months ago and ad to email several times. I just placed another order a month ago and have had to file a Paypal claim. Tim Waid emailed me saying I'd get the DVDs "soon" that was June 5th. How did you finally get yours resolved? I'd rather the DVDs than my money back but right now I have nothing.
  6. KelticZen

    KelticZen New Member

    Tim Waid never replied to any of my emails or even the voicemail I left. Paypal is giving me my money back but then I look on the PTKGO website and saw they have the stones to raise the price of the DVDs. Why raise the price when you don't fill the orders? Bad business, unprofessional and inconsiderate.
  7. Hertao

    Hertao New Member

    I also placed an order 10 days ago. My credit card was charged, but I've been unable to get in touch with anyone via email. Unfortunately I paid by credit card, so it's going to be a pain to dispute the charge. It's too bad these people are charging customers, not shipping orders, and not answering emails!
  8. KelticZen

    KelticZen New Member

    It took almost 4 months of hounding to get my order I placed in May. Waid would answer maybe 1 in 10 emails. I finally got them after complaining to the Better Business Bureau. I kept getting generic emails about how great the DVDs are and how his fulfillment system is going up. Same thing now, I got the DVDs so I stupidly ordered the rest figuring his order system is up. Same stuff all over again. Everyone should file a BBB complaint. No ethics.
  9. Hertao

    Hertao New Member

    Thanks KelticZen.

    I'll try that. I've emailed again but still no response.
  10. michigankalisilat

    michigankalisilat New Member

    i had the exact same experience as Kelticzen. I finally got me dvd after about 5 months. When it arrived the case was cracked. I figured there was no point in complaining since I was unlikely to get a response.

    He seems to send the dvds out to his friends and students immediately so if you are one of them then feel free to order. If you are not part of PTKGO then I would strongly advise against ordering from them until they have direct downloading available.

    I have DVD2 sword and impact weapons and I'm more than willing to part with it for $20 if anyone is interested. Please send me a PM.

    SHIKOGI New Member

    I am glad to hear someone mention this.I have made 3 seperate purchases from the PTKGO store.I did receive the 1st 2 dvds, but have not rec'd my 3rd since March 2012. I have sent at least 7-8 emails to both the store contact & Tim Waid with no response.I finally rec'd a general email from Mr. Waid in July stating they were having problems with their shipping system and were now using a new format.the message stated I would soon get my missing dvd plus a bonus item for my inconveince. It is now 7 months without my dvd and they have my $50 plus $10 postage.My last email to PTKGO in early Sept. has gone unanswered.
    Just my humble experience!
  12. michigankalisilat

    michigankalisilat New Member

    Forgot about the promise for a bonus DVD! Definitely did not get it when my order finally showed up.
  13. KelticZen

    KelticZen New Member

    Once I git the first DVDs and thought he was up & running I order the rest. That was a few weeks ago. I emailed, no response. The another week I emailed his emailed him on all addresses on the site. He responded same old stuff.....he's in the Philipines, will call me with my shipment info when he gets back....then said his new fulfillment company was costing him money etc. Samer verbiage all over...Still no call or email about my order. I'm not chasing the new DVDs down, its not worth it. I'll try once more but then it'll be another PayPal claim and BBB filing for false advertising.
  14. Hertao

    Hertao New Member

    I finally received my DVDs.

    I had contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge, and after they had already refunded my money, I received an email from Tim saying he had shipped the DVDs...and he provided a tracking number. I received the DVDs the next day, called my credit card company, and had them re-issue the payment.

    Tim said in the email that the new fulfillment system is up and running and everything is now shipping on time.

    Obviously many of you, including myself, have had problems with getting these DVDs! That aside, I have to say the material is very good, as is the production, etc. I ordered The Footwork and Sword and Impact Weapon DVDs. What I found particularly refreshing about the content was the lack of non-functional techniques and applications. Tim described why certain footwork works and what doesn't (even though what doesn't is VERY commonly taught), why the checking hand in certain positions is BS, etc. Although I had already come to the same conclusions myself, it was great to see FMA instructional DVDs without all the "flash" and "fancy mess".

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