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  1. PAKali

    PAKali New Member

    Hello All,
    There is a strong chance that I will be moving to Fresno, California in early January. Despite the abundance of FMA in California it would seem that there is currently no PTK in Fresno. I'm hoping to change that by establishing a training group there under the direction of Tuhon Tim Waid's PTK Global Organization. I suspect that we'll be meeting in parks at first but my hope is to rapidly generate enough interest to start renting training space and begin bringing Tuhon Waid in for Seminars. To date I've never been to Fresno and would appreciate any leads on potential spots to train as well as interested potential students. Also, if anyone knows of any existing PTK students or instructors in the area, please have them contact me. My contact information can be found on the PTKGO website currently listed under the instructors for Pennsylvania.
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  2. Charlie

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    I have lived in California all of my life I am an instructor with the Cabales Serrada Escrima class with Grand Master Vincent Cabales out of Stockton, CA I live in Merced CA, which is only like 30 min away from Fresno I have a lot of Friends and Familey in Fresno I will see what I can find out I know of some good parks that have alot of foot traffic going threw them I also know some poeple that are intersted in the FMA's but cant drive to Stockton. I will see what I can find for you.
  3. blindside

    blindside student

    As far as I know most of the PTK in southern California tend to run along the coast. The San Jose, San Fran, and Los Angeles (under Meynard Ancheta) PTK groups regularly host Tuhon Tim. Good luck with starting your group!
  4. PAKali

    PAKali New Member

    Thanks guys! Yeah, I've met several of the instructors from the various California groups over the years and when work told me I was heading there I figured I'd just start training with one of their groups. I didn't realize how far away from everything Fresno was. Just from internet searches it seems to be pretty much a dead zone for all FMA, not just PTK. As a matter of fact, the only thing I could find there was Kabaroan Eskrima, which I'm not familiar with. I like that its close to the mountains, though. Should make for some good outdoor training at some point.
  5. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

    Fresno is ok yeah a dead zone for FMA its not to bad to get on AmTrak and take the train to Stockton there is a bunch of schools there or if you drive into merced we could car pool if you want to do Serrada Escrima.
  6. USA Phil,

    Is that you?

    Work got you moving? This is the time honored way that seeds of systems get replanted in other locations.

    I am sure that you will do very well there and that there will be many opportunities created by this move.

    Sometimes we go looking and sometimes we are called.

    Good luck in your new adventure. Don't hesitate to call on me for anything I could possibly do to help.

    Canadian Phil.
  7. PAKali

    PAKali New Member

    Thanks, Tuhon! Yes, its "U.S. Phil," haha. This would definitely fall more into the category of being called rather than looking. It was kind of a shock when work said I'd have to move there. I think I'm starting to warm up to the idea, though. I'm still upset that I had to miss your seminar at Rob's (another unfortunate collateral effect of this job). Thanks again for all of your wisdom and advice over in PI. Please say hello to Michel for me if you see him. Much Respect, -Phil H.
  8. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

    I dont think it should be to hard to get a group started. Because the nearest town with classes of escrima would be stockton you have Serrada Escrima with Grandmster Cabales or Angels Deciples with Darren Tibon, there is Meta Sa Bagyo With Master Carlito Bonjac Bahlanah (SP) with there group I dont know them very well there is SLD with Dentoy Revillar and so on.
  9. PAKali

    PAKali New Member

    Just an update: I've made the move and am continuing to work towards establishing the group. It looks like we'll be meeting in Woodward Park for now. If you're interested, please contact me at
  10. odalisay

    odalisay Member

    Welcome to Cali! It may be hard for you hi adjust to our harsh winters here in Cali. ;)
    Good luck with the group.
  11. PAKali

    PAKali New Member

    Hi folks, I just wanted to update this thread by saying that I'm moving out of the Fresno area. However, I'm still aware of some possible FMA training options available to people living there so shoot me an email if you're looking.

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