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Discussion in 'General' started by snake, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. arnisador

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    I think the point is that people sometimes expect that martial arts training will be given away more cheaply than a craftsman's knowledge. Is knowing how to use a stick less valuable than knowing how to use a jackhammer? (Eh, in strictly financial terms, probably, yeah.) Some people treat the martial arts differently in this regard and others don't!
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    For myself in a group class I have multiple people that I am trying to focus on and make sure they are getting the information. In a private or semi private they do it and I can see, feel every move. Not only that but I can be their partner to ensure that they are doing it right. They also in turn get to feel everything as I show it to them. That kind of transmission both ways is priceless! [​IMG]

    Most of my regular private lesson people feel that I charge way to little.
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  4. snake

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    i dont know why it is being a cheapskate questioning the high prices that people charge.i dont know anybody who doesnt agree with me when i have talked to other im not the only questioning this.inffact im surprised nobody else has not asked this question before
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    If people are willing to pay that, what's the problem? That's business.
  6. Stone

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    "how can it be a cheapsake for not wanting to pay 150 an hour i cant anyone can justify charging that amount.if a plumber or whatever tried to charge that amount id tell them where to go.and find another plumber"

    Completely your prerogative. Welcome to the concept of a free marketplace.

    "so im not the only questioning this.inffact im surprised nobody else has not asked this question before"

    I assure you, this isn't the first time this issue has been raised. This horse has been beaten quite thoroughly before.

    "Stone... you wrote the same as me !!"

    Looking back at your post it certainly seems like we share the same sentiments. Great minds ya know.:)
  7. snake

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    stone sounds like someone with his head screwed on.also he is not a sheep and willing to follow everyone else and never question many people here pay 150 i wonder and also who would
  8. Delta

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    If you are looking for a clear cut answer or to change peoples views. I do not believe you will be able to do that. It all comes down to each of us on a personal level when we choose our instructor(s)

    I choose who I am going to learn from carefully because I want information that I believe will improve me. That being said, when I make that choice, I pay what the instructor ask because I want what they are have.

    My training has saved my life. I would not be here today if I did not have the skills my teachers have taught me. How much money would I be willing to pay for my life? $50, $500, $1000?

    In my opinion, which everyone’s post on here is, it comes down to how bad do you want it? If you want to train with a certain instructor but he charges X amount for privates, than save up, get a couple hours, than practice it while you save for your next session.

    If you don’t see the value in training with instructor X that charges the $150 than don’t. That is really all it comes down to. There is no right or wrong with what people charge. There is noting out there that says you have to be affordable to everyone. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way. That is true for everything in life.

    With Respect,

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    I have a sliding scale: $60/hr for other martial artists who will enhance their own commercial abilities through such training; $60/hr for walk-ins, once properly screened and vetted; $30/hr for police and military; $20/hr for my own students. Despite inflation, these prices haven't changed for at least ten years.
  10. Rapier

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    Here are my two cents. Martial Arts trainers some of whom have spent years or more studying, paying thier dues for classes with money, blood, sweat and tears, and just like any profissional who has earned a degree we need to charge what is fair in our market. Many personal trainers charge $65 and up after attending a certification seminar and some other locations it might take more. We spend more time getting our qualifications 5, 10, 15, 20 years or more. Thats more time than some put into becoming a doctor or a lawyer. So charging $50 or more is fair for sharing our knowledge. And again its one on one not 10 to 30 students where each one gets only a few minutes of your undivided attention. You also need to take into consideration that rent has to be paid for the location that is being used, insurance, adds, phone, equipment, Taxes, travel time to and from, gas. In the long run its not really that much considering what your getting and how long it took us to get where we are.
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  11. snake

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    will never agree with over charging prices.ive students that i train with and they say its about time someone mentioned it

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