Private Kalis Illustrisimo Training in Manila

Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by BayaniWarrior, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. Twist

    Twist Junior Member

    Hmm.. dunno. You may be right, I dont know. I'm not in it for the money - actually I dont ever want to mix FMA and money, and I'm not the kind of person who wants to teach just to teach, so I may have a different perspective than others.
  2. Sure. Your one line first post came across like a youtube message. And thanks, I do accept your apology about the "three days at best" line ;)

    I commend you for trying to find answers but personally would prefer it if you used a bit more tact rather than hiding behind a snide sentence and come out and say what you really meant from the off rather than having to be coaxed into it.

    Basically you are direspecting our Grandmaster and the people who sought him out and made sacrificies to come here and train with him. Yet you are talking about rank and seniority in the FMA...

    If you ever have the pleasure of watching Master Yulii teach you will see that he really loves his art and does his utmost to try and impart this to his guests. Like I said before, eskrimadors here in the Philippines people know whats up. I've met famous Masters of other systems and seen their reaction when his name is brought up. The people who have had the pleasure to train and learn from him defintely know. I've seen the bruises and taken them myself.

    Why do you think I take the time to ask people "Was it what you expected?" "Do you think you got value for money?". Like I said before in my 2 years here I've seen a few people pass through and not one of them has said to me "Well, that sucked!" Quite the opposite.

    Good luck with your "journey" and finding an instructor. I'm sure you'll run into some Bahad Zubu people in the future and hopefully you can see the art in person.
  3. Twist

    Twist Junior Member

    Hmm.. was there something about Mang Yuli in particular? I shouldnt start replying to threads I didnt read all the way through I guess.
  4. Don't worry Twist. It wasn't a personal affront. Nigel is expressing concerns about Master Yui's teaching methods. As Bahad Zubu is a personal expression of Master Yuli then yes, I do take it as an insult.

    However, each to their own and train with a :)
  5. NigelTufnel

    NigelTufnel New Member


    I wasn't asking about Bahad Zubu or about your Master Yuli. Was I talking about your particular system? I most definitely was not. Wasn't the threadstarter clearly seeking GM Tony Diego who is not part of Bahad Zubu?

    Prior to my First post in This thread, there was no mention of Bahad Zubu or Yuli Romo. You injected that specific system in this topic (and in so doing advertise your equipment website and your system's crash course program as well), and now it's my fault and I have to apologize for purportedly speaking ill of your system?

    I was clearly talking about informal non-commercial groups. I wasn't referring to your system which I think does not belong to that category.
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  6. Thanks for the clarification.

    Maybe there's been a bit of a misunderstanding...

    The threadstarter was looking for KI groups in Manila of which Bahad Zubu is one.

    Master Yuli was mentioned in post number 3 before your post.

    I have put him in contact with Master Yuli before and have been in email contact with the OP.

    I do not need to answer posts just to advertise as I sponsor the Kali Ilustrisimo forum ;)
  7. NigelTufnel

    NigelTufnel New Member

    The threadstarter was looking for GM Tony Diego and Master Romy Macapagal specifically in this thread and both teachers are not part of Bahad Zubu. Your PM's to the threadstarter are not part of this discussion.

    page 1:

    No such mention in that page. You were the first to insert your system in this thread, after my post.

    Your username is an ad. Frequency in threads, more visibility.
  8. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Man what a waste of good thread space. gees..does it really friggin matter? Like a short bus..all drool and helmets.....just train and drive on.
  9. *Sigh*

    Great way to introduce yourself on FMATalk eh Nigel?!

    Thread title is "Private Kali Ilustrisimo Training in Manila". Right?

    Master Yuli is the 2nd most senior KI practicioner and teaches privates in Manila.

    I must admit I did make a mistake and saw "Mang Romo" when actually it says "Mang Romy". So I'll give you that one but please see the point above regarding the relevance of what I have posted.

    Are you an admin / moderator of this site? If they have a problem with my username they can contact me about it. I have been in contact with most of them since I've been here and this hasn't been mentioned.

    Thanks for all your concern and I hope you enjoy other areas of the site and not just this thread;)
  10. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    The user name is fine.

    Let's focus on the topic of KI training in Manila.

    -FMAT Admin
  11. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Personally, I would be in favour of it.

    RETIRADA New Member

    KI training

    I respectfully recommend that we focus the KI forum and threads to the sharing of KI training tips, history of the art, history of the people behind the system, where it has been and where it is headed.

    The KI family is very small and we can all learn from each other by sharing and respecting our seniors in this system. By focusing on training we can all become better KI practitioners and preserve the legacy of Tatang Ilustrisimo.

    Take care all, train hard and Mabuhay ang KI.

    Ingat lagi kayong lahat at magensayo ng magensayo....

  13. BayaniWarrior

    BayaniWarrior New Member

    Hey everyone. I am the guy who started this thread. I came back from the Philippines 2 weeks ago and I just came across this thread again...looks like a lot had gone on this thread while I was away.

    Just to clarify:

    1) I did get to train with Master Tony Diego and his group in Manila privately. I must say that I certainly don't regret the experience one bit. They are excellent practitioners of the art and welcomed me with open arms, which I appreciated greatly. They are also some of the nicest people I've met in my whole life.

    2) When I said I wanted to spread the system in the US, I meant it. However, by "spread", I do not mean being the new representative of KI in my area or teaching seminars or whatnot. By spreading the art, I am referring to various things... and teaching the material being only one of them. Master Tony Diego himself gave me permission to pass on what he taught me to others...primarily the footwork, strikes, and Punta Y Daga drills/techniques. However, in order to ensure the quality of the material, I have personally chosen to not go on a wide-scale teaching this, since I know I have much to learn and that if I want to teach it, I want to learn more about it. However, if someone wants to learn the basics of KI and they ask me to teach them...I will gladly teach them. This is not to grant myself fame or fortune. Rather, it's a means to promote Master Tony for the kind and generous human being he is and the art he cherishes so much. I am not claiming to be a "new heir" to the KI system as taught by Tony Diego...I am simply a guy who went over to Manila to learn as much as I possibly could...and in the process, I realize I wanted to help my teacher out as much as possible when I got back to the US. He gave me permission to "spread the art", as he puts it and gave me permission to teach it. However, again, I have chosen to not do so on a wide-scale.

    Hope that clears things.

  14. medic

    medic Junior Member

    Sounds like you had a great time and have a lot of memories to cherish.
  15. That's great Mike!

    I am glad you was able to get some training sorted out in the end.

    Best wishes,

  16. NigelTufnel

    NigelTufnel New Member

    Wow you're a KI teacher now. Do you think senior KI practitioners agree that you can teach? The problem with finding out about them is, most qualified KI teachers from Manila won't even advertise themselves on the net. But fresh new "instructors" do, like you.

    Why didn't you choose to train with Bahad Zubu in Manila instead? Certainly they're a lot easier to locate and contact with's constant promotion of his system. Why didn't you train in Bakbakan KI in New Jersey USA? They're a hell of a lot closer aren't they?

    I noticed that when there's a thread where someone looks specifically for GM Tony Diego's KI Repeticion Orihinal group in Manila, other KI groups such as Bakbakan/IlustrisimoUSA and Bahad Zubu step in and invite the prospective student their way. This happens a lot and this thread is one example. I also noticed that practitioners from GM Tony's group don't reply publicly and don't welcome prospects or lure them in via the internet.

    Based on the threads here and in other forums, I wonder why senior instructors from Bahad Zubu and Bakbakan have expressed their desire to train with GM Tony Diego, and yet it seems GM Tony's students are not interested in learning from Bakbakan or Bahad Zubu? Why is that?
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  17. Nigel,

    I am getting sick of clarifying this for you.

    The thread title was "Private K.I training in the Philippines". I did not attempt to "Steer" anybody anyway from Master Tony Diego. I have had the pleasure of meeting the gentleman a couple of times and no doubt I will do so again over the coming weeks / months / years. When he shows a technique I watch closely. You would be a fool not too. Why you are asking about other people's desires and other forums I do not know. Personal agenda perhaps?

    Here is a recent photo of KI practicioners and Bahad Zu'bu practicioners. it was a great day and a lot of sharing and fun was had.


    Please, please take your private agenda elsewhere because you're not actually adding anything to this forum and just seeking to create rifts where none exist. Enough of that exists in the martial arts already without having one more troll to add to their ranks.
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  18. NigelTufnel

    NigelTufnel New Member

    Spare me the troll accusation. I'm simply making a few queries. I simply don't agree with your oversimplifications. Just because I don't politely pat everyone's back (like most insincerely do) doesn't mean I'm a troll. Is this la-la happy happy land where all are truly friendly friends forever?

    You're most likely too new in your style and therefore too dreamy and idealistic to put too much value in a recent photo.

    Students have photos with famous masters then misrepresent those photos on the net as some sort of endorsement from the master, when the photograph is in fact just a casual gathering that could be very infrequent.
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  19. What are you on??!!!

    By the nature of the photograph you can see it is a casual "get together". I only posted it to show that there is no "rift" as you'd like to claim between the Kali Ilustrisimo factions and that a form of brotherhood exists. I do not put value on photgraphs. I was there LOL!

    Anyway, who are you out there in internet wonderland to tell me what the situation is like here in the Philippines between people you've probably never even met?

    I have Pm'd the mods and asked for this thread to be closed as right now you are using it to promote your own agenda and not for the good of the FMA Community.
  20. NigelTufnel

    NigelTufnel New Member

    Was I talking about a rift? What rift? There are separate organizations within KI right? If there weren't any, then why the separate names for each org? They're simply separate different groups. It doesn't have to be a rift. Nor does it have to be ideally oversimplified as one unified group either.

    You are in the photo yes, but that doesn't make you an expert on what I'm talking about. That's just one photo. You could be there and not be privy to what's really happening unless you are personally close enough to the masters and take you in their confidence. Not all students are.

    Your sponsor status definitely will have leverage.

    Who's to say which agenda is good for FMA? Do you represent FMA?
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