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    1. That would explain why it would seem 'new' to B.Tabimina very well. I disagree with the 'should be done' perspective though. I say this only because, V.Bacon instructed senior students sort of as a 'finishing' school and from the various accounts (online info, email interview info, and direct contact with some) V. Bacon never really 'corrected' any student's movement that came from Villisan or Moncal or others so much as connected the dots that showed these students the other facets of the Balintawak system. In a bad movie analogy, V.Bacon was the "Yoda" of Balintawak in that way. It seems from the info I have had the chance to collect V.Bacon was not critical of his students-now-instructors or their particular stamp on Balintawak. As Rich said, after he returned to teaching, he toured these schools regularly. Bobby Taboada has nothing but respect for all 'the masters' that instructed him, especially the time he learned from V.Bacon. Logically, V.Bacon must have lead by example and respected those people that Bobby learned from as he progressed.

    2. My point was that "Balintawak" has become a general category to describe the various styles that have emerged from the Bacon influence. The movements may have been repackaged, others may have been incorporated, but the core concepts that make all of them "Balintawak" still drive the movement.

    3. I think this has been a more productive and 'non-political' thread all around. Unfortunately, the majority of active posters seem to be knowledgeable about the Balintawak elements. I'm glad that it has been more productive. I was hoping for more feedback on the TKD, JailHouse Rock and Fulsom Prison information, but that could be because FMATALK as a forum is still in its infancy. Hopefully, as it grows, folks with broader interests can chime in too. Thanks for staying on top of things though.
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    I would bet on a prison trained fighter over most martial artists.
    They have probably been in mor real fights and killed more people than any black belt.

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