Principle Based Martial Art

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    Principle Based Martial Art
    By Larry G. Bethers - 04-06-2010 05:36 PM


    <div>Principle Based Martial Art

    Principles are constant, but techniques change and evolve continuously. The principles of physics, of math, movement, of flight never vary. The more we learn of these topics and the more we understand the principles and how to apply them the more we can develop the world around us.
    It is no different in the martial arts. There are governing principles in the martial arts. Techniques can vary a thousand different ways but the principles never change. These underlying principles are based on several disciplines such as anatomy, physics, physiology, psychology, and kinesiology. They cannot be ignored or disregarded in the application of techniques. In fact if you understand the principles it makes the application of the techniques more viable. However you must train so you body understands. You must be able to do the technique with out thinking especially thinking about the underlying principles. The middle of a life-threatening attack is not the time to be thinking.
    What are the principles underlying martial art techniques? Are some principles more applicable to some techniques than others? Are they specific to certain techniques? Are there principles that are applicable to all techniques? The answer to all of these questions is YES.


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