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Discussion in 'Presas Family Arnis Systems' started by Bob Hubbard, Aug 10, 2011.

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    We have grouped the systems of Modern Arnis, Kombatan and Hinigaran Arnis DeMano together under the heading "Presas Family Arnis Systems". We've done this for a few reasons, 1 to give those who train in 2 or more of the related styles a single place to go. Also to honor the contributions to the arts of the Presas brothers.

    The "top" area if you will is for the cross training type discussions, for those who train both and want to look at general discussion. We've kept the individual sections for Modern Arnis and Kombatan, and added one for Hinigaran so that those seeking an in-depth and more focused discussion can zero in on what they need.

    We hope this will help boost traffic and conversation. :)

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