Presas Arnis seminar at Trainers Elite. Dallas TX 7-28-13

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    I had a great time in Dallas this weekend! I taught a Presas Arnis seminar at Trainers Elite in the metro Dallas area. I opened with Sinawalis to get everyone's heart pumping. We went over different types of footwork that can implement as inserting kicking into them. Then I went into my new Block-Check-Counter template and demonstrated how striking styles can be inserted. After a little break I went onto some Panantukan. I have recently over hauled Prof's Sinawali Boxing drill and everyone seemed to enjoy my interpretation. I finished the seminar with a back grip knife drill.

    It was great to see some of my old friends as well as making some new ones. I want to thank GM Ron Van Browning and Tabitha for having me done. I'm looking forward to returning in the near future!

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    Looks like everyone had a good time!

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